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YMMV / Superman: Savage Dawn

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  • Ass Pull: Puzzler's Heel–Face Turn is hard to take seriously when it comes out of freakin' nowhere.
  • Author's Saving Throw: Savage Dawn looks to return the Superman books to their usual status quo after Superman: Truth proved to be a subject of controversy.
    • Superman for one, comes off as much more heroic and noble than he was characterized in Truth, going from Unintentionally Unsympathetic Jerkass Woobie to a full blown Determinator and Iron Woobie, and is closer to his traditional, more universally accepted personality.
    • The James Gordon Batman has really turned down the Jerkass levels that he showed in the Batman/Superman installment of Truth, and is part of The Cavalry assisting Superman.
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    • The biggest saving throw so far would arguably be in ''Action Comics # 50, where Superman's powers and costume are finally restored.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Among Vandal Savage's "kids", there's Wrath and Salvaxe. The former because of her honest desire for a better world, up to the point where she realized that her "father" was never going to bring about such a world, and the latter for his short but poignant and tragic story, going from a fatherless, bullied kid to an embodiment of his favorite, idealized barbarian warrior to a kid with a brute's body (literally) who never realized his new "father" never cared about him, all the while he faithfully cared for his "father" in turn. Neither make it out of the storyline alive.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Superman getting his suit and powers back ends up a pointless Hope Spot when the very next story arc kills him off, especially since how he regained his powers is cited as one of the things that killed him.


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