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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Rosie. Is she an outright villain, or a sympathetic Well-Intentioned Extremist? True, she is responsible for the earthquakes and kidnapping Rusty, using him as a Living Battery. But she has a point about needing to protect her kin from steambots, who kill Shiners on sight. On the other hand, her plan is incredibly reckless and ends up blowing up the planet. And Rosie herself is an anomaly, with most Shiners being deranged lunatics who throw dynamite at everyone.
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  • Even Better Sequel: While SteamWorld Dig is considered a great game, some criticized that while its premise was interesting the gameplay was a bit simple didn't evolve much past mining for materials. Come the sequel the setting is far more expanded, with a much larger hubworld, a deeper story, and a wide variety of areas that turn the game into a much deeper Metroidvania experience.
  • Funny Moments: At the end of SteamWorld Dig 2 one of the 'robots' lined up to board Professor Sherman's rocket is actually the last friendly Shiner wearing a Paper-Thin Disguise. Despite having a conversation with him, the robots don't notice.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Your entire journey into Vectron in SteamWorld Dig 2. Before you go in, Fen gives a bit of advice: If you see something move, run. What you find upon entering is a giant, dimly-lit junkyard with thunderstorms in the distance. The first thing that will clue you into this location being just... wrong is the mineral "Cryptium No. 5-1" which you pick up early on. Then you come across floating blue orbs that roar at you when you approach them before they possess a monitor and destroy it or move past you into your path and detonate on you. As you progress, blue static will suddenly start, causing an error screen warning you of Vectron's main threat: giant mech bodies lying about which the blue skulls can take control of and send after you. When they awaken, you have two options: Run or Die. They are extremely fast, can run through dirt, can jump high, and are completely invincible. In your second encounter with these, the static turns red and you can end up awakening six of these total, the screen becomes more and more distorted until finally you're forced to flee from another that endlessly pursuits you down a hallway, before another error screen appears and kicks you out of Vectron.

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