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YMMV / Starship Promise

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  • Narm: The extragalactic alien menace which serves as the Big Bad of Antares's route would be easier to take seriously if everyone didn't refer to it exclusively as "the evil force."
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot:
    • The heroine's parents are rarely even mentioned again after the first season, and no attempt to rescue them is ever made.
    • Antares season three and four see him subjected to Dr. Xendalia's super-soldier experiments, which involve introducing the DNA of the smoke alien into his system. Given that his first two seasons depicted him as nigh obsessed with staying in control, this could have been a golden opportunity to put the character in a situation in which he must confront losing control of even his own body and mind. Instead, the heroine is the one who stresses over the situation while Antares remains calm and focused on the objective of defeating the alien threat.