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  • Complete Monster: Mumtaz is the repulsive madam in charge of the brothel known as the Happiness House. Ruling her brothel through fear and intimidation, Mumtaz has grown rich by forcing her child prostitutes to lay with her customers, and traps them in a never-ending cycle of debt so they can never leave. When the thirteen-year-old Lakshmi refuses to service a customer, Mumtaz starves and beats her for days on end before losing her patience and drugging her into complying. When one of her older prostitutes named Pushpa grows too sick to work, Mumtaz doesn't care in the slightest and forces her to continue servicing customers on threat of throwing her and her children out on the street, a threat she eventually makes good on. When Mumtaz really wants to punish someone, she "will smear chilies on a stick and put it inside the girl". Motivated solely by greed, Mumtaz embodies every rotten aspect of the horror that is sex trafficking.