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YMMV / She's Out of My League

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  • Adorkable: Devon. A lovable guy with a strong belief in true love and supportiveness, but a habit of using Disney movies as reference points.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Devon and Patty get some of the best lines and nicest moments outside of the main couple.
  • Fridge Logic/Squick: Molly's dog licks Kirk's crotch after he jizzed in his pants. How did he acquire a taste like that?
  • Hollywood Homely: Both Kirk and Marnie; played with though, in that they're not strictly meant to be physically unattractive (besides Kirk being rather skinny), but both lose points for personality flaws that hinder their datableness (her self-centredness and his social ineptitude).
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  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: By having no final final confrontation with Cam.
  • The Woobie: Downplayed with Kirk, but his bad break up, social ineptitude and unluckiness can add to this.

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