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  • Angst? What Angst?: Since Loup cannot feel fear, she also doesn't get a lot of the negative emotions and reactions most people have that are based on fear. Best example is Tommy - she admits envy that he can use his boxing skills and she has to keep a low profile, but has zero anger over it (it's not his fault) and acts baffled at the idea that more malicious jealousy might be normal. Embarrassment - or fear of judgment - is likewise alien to her. It's possibly the only upside given to her fearlessness. This does have limits; losing Tommy nearly breaks her, and it is used against her in the sequel, as many assume she simply doesn't have any emotions.
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  • Uncanny Valley: Loup falls into this occasionally. Her inability to feel fear means that her reactions and emotional responses are a little off, until people get to know her. Also, many people react oddly or flinch when touching her and other GMOs. They're just described as "tense" or "intense" - it's not clear if there's some difference in the skin, the feel of the denser muscles, or both.

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