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YMMV / Robert Bresson

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  • Despair Event Horizon: He arguably crossed this around the time he made Lancelot du Lac.
  • Ho Yay: Many reviewers have commented on the homoerotic undercurrents in his films, Lancelot du Lac in particular. Seeing these men grunting and moaning as they clash their swords together is more than a little suggestive of frotting.
  • Stoic Woobie: Very many, notably Mouchette in Mouchette and Fontaine in A Man Escaped, both of whom undergo all sorts of trauma without complaining. Played with in the case of Balthazar in Au hasard Balthazar, who does complain a little bit about his maltreatment during the film, but nobody gives a stuff because he's a donkey.
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  • True Art Is Boring: His films are known for being dry and anticlimactic.
  • Word of God: Bresson's book Notes sur le Cinématographe is a handy anthology of his own Words of God on film, acting, etc.

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