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YMMV / Road of Fury

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  • Contested Sequel: While the first game is generally liked by fans the two sequels have had a more lackluster reception. Both games do make some improvements over the first, but not everyone likes the changes made and the third in particular has received a lot of criticism for overhauling the gameplay and introducing a much disliked XP system. (Though this last problem was quickly fixed in a patch that removed XP entirely.)
  • Goddamn Bats: The jetpack bandits are insanely annoying for such a weak enemy due to their ability to dart around and swarm in at the worst possible moments. Not only do they force the player to take their guns off of more dangerous enemies, which is bad enough, but they also often accompany deadly foes and take shots at the player while they're busy taking out an incoming missile or attack helicopter. It's worth getting a vehicle with a UAV station JUST to make dealing with these guys less of a hassle.
    • Vehicles with barricades attached to the back. They block shots from reaching anything in front of them and take massive amounts of damage to destroy, during which the cars that it protects are free to gun the caravan apart without any fear of retaliation. Upgrades are a must once these bastards start showing up, otherwise the player can look forward to restarting when a mob of enemies gangs up on them from behind the impenetrable bullet wall.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: The XP system in the third game is widely disliked for fencing off upgrades behind an experience wall and forcing players to grind even more in a game that already has plenty of it. (Thankfully removed as of a recent patch.)

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