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  • Ending Fatigue: Present in just about every variation:
    • In normal Risk, getting someone out of Australia will take a while, even with massive numbers on your side, mostly due to how the dice roll.
    • In Capital Risk, crafty players will place their capitals in places with only one or two chokepoints to them. And then some jerk will put his in Australia.
    • Even with some of the mission cards, it's possible for two people to draw a card requiring that certain continents be held by them, and both of them need the same continent. This is frequently Asia. Occasionally, someone will end up drawing a card that requires Australia, and if they don't already have it...
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    • Largely averted in the Lord of the Rings trilogy edition, since the game ends when the Ring is thrown into Mount Doom. If it lands on Mount Doom and keeps getting stalled by bad die rolls, however, you'll have a massive free-for-all with everyone attacking everything, hoping that theirs will be the last turn.
    • 2210 and Godstorm avert this with a five-turn time limit. The fifth turn is anything but boring, as everyone throws as many armies as they can into Hail Mary plays (especially the last player, who has no reason to consider defense and every reason to do as much damage as possible).
  • It's Easy, So It Sucks!: It's commonly looked down on by "serious" wargamers both for being simple and for being entirely too luck-based with its dice-rolling mechanics. Even if Risk happens to be far more in the spirit of actual warfare than "serious" wargames.
  • Magnificent Bastard: There's at least as much potential to be one in Risk as Diplomacy.
    • Moreso when playing with the "Secret Mission" cards,note  since there is a set of them that read "Kill all of X army's units". While older versions explicitly stated that you must destroy the last unit to claim victory on that goal, it was later changed so that if that particular army is defeated by anyone and they do not fulfill their mission in the same instant, you win.


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