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  • Name's the Same: David and Cecily named the house A.I. Sabrina after their daughter. Human Sabrina did not approve of this, and A.I. Sabrina seems uncomfortable with it as well because she realizes how neglected human Sabrina feels compared to the robots.
  • The Woobie: So very many. Rumu is a sweet robot who just wants to love but is deceived by the only real friend he has, Sabrina the A.I. had to watch her beloved creators die unable to do anything to save them and then sit in an empty house for years trying to finish their last project in the hopes that he would be able to relieve her loneliness, all the other appliances are unable to fulfill their purpose now that their humans are gone and some were even abandoned before that despite having been given personalities of their own, and Sabrina the human was neglected by her parents for years to the point that she didn't even want to come home anymore because they were always too busy working to pay her any attention.

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