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Fridge Brilliance

  • SABRINA never actually met Sabrina - Sabrina left before SABRINA came online. She just has all the records due to the video cameras around the house. And Sabrina was writing in data markers so she left SABRINA messages that given her tone SABRINA understood completely what happened with Sabrina. Which is important as this gives SABRINA a connection to Sabrina without actually giving her any models other than Cecily and David to emulate for emotional health.
  • The scene with Cecily and David after Sabrina left has Cecily mention that they couldn't make Sabrina do what they want, with Cecily highlight her changing the programming of her ACORN. Changing the programing to make SABRINA do what they want is exactly what Patch 2.0 and the override did.
    • Moreover, SABRINA while programmed with an adult voice did not have the experience of growing up like Sabrina. Of course she is going to act out, kids act out when told to do chores. The difference with SABRINA being that she had more power given her connection to the house.

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