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  • Despair Event Horizon: After the detective quashed Felicia's plans each time in the first three games, she builds a time machine that takes her and the detective back to the fateful night of the fire and begs the detective to put an end to her misery.
  • Even Better Sequel: Steam Heart is shaping up to be this for the Puppetshow franchise. The Hidden Object scenes, the mini-games and the steampunk aesthetics have made many fans happy.
  • Franchise Zombie: Return to Joyville got pretty bad reviews compared to the three previous games. It seems that the game was intended to finish the series, but to avoid ending it on a bad note, the fifth game was released. The fifth game ended the Joyville saga on a high-note and was well-received.
    • What really doesn't help Return to Joyville is that it just came a week after the highly praised Spirits of Mystery: Song of the Phoenix which gave ERS its first five star review from Gamezebo and runner up for best hidden object game of the year. If Return to Joyville was released a little bit later, the reviews would probably have been more fair.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Why does Felicia accept her acid-attack scars as an adult in Destiny Undone? It's to not only to remind her that physical appearances doesn't matter, but also that she sacrificed herself to save her father's life. The Felicia who was scarred in a fire had become angry because she did not receive them on her own, but the Felicia scarred by acid does not because she received them by choice when she jumped in to save her father.
    • And speaking of Destiny Undone, what is the title really foreshadowing? Felicia's destiny to create the events of the first four games when she decides to accept her scars.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Felicia. She's angry and bitter because she was permanently scarred in a fire in her father's theater because she was at the wrong place at the wrong time as revealed in Return to Joyville and forced her father into transplanting souls of innocent victims into dolls for her own amusement. By the fourth game, she's given up and begs the detective to save her.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Cricks was a Stalker with a Crush and decided that if he couldn't have her, then he'd blow up the theater with the two of them inside. What's worse is that Felicia was inside the theater at that point in time, thus he was the reason why she became the monster in the first three games. And then, if one has the Collector's Edition, he puts any remaining citizen in Joyville under house arrest and the Puppetmaster is forced to create the evil dolls that patrol the decayed roads of the city. He is killed in that timeline thanks to the Puppetmaster's interference.
    • And in Destinies Undone, he kidnaps the Puppetmaster and intends to blind him with acid and creates a duplicate of Felicia to create slander on the Puppetmaster himself.