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YMMV / Napoleonic Era

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  • Creator's Pet: The I French Empire. It has the best and greatest variety of units - and it is entirely intentional.
  • Doing It for the Art: In addition to the graphical and gameplay alterations, the modders went through the trouble of finding (if not possibly recording) new language tracks for the various factions.
    • One of the reasons behind the delays is that the modders realized that the textures they were making for new units were of much better quality than the now decade-old game, so they started reskinning those units as well to bring them to the same level. The team is now also not just reskinning the game's models but making their own 3D weapon and hat models for the new units.
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  • Development Hell: 2.2 has been promised as coming soon since Christmas 2014. However, the team is already working on a 3 version that will completely change the game's mechanic.
  • Write What You Know: Most modders are either American or German, so it is no surprise that, despite the nominal focus on Napoleon, it is the Americans, Germans (HRE), Prussians, and to a lesser extent Austrians and Swiss who feel most like finished work. The Polish also took a long leap in advancement when the team began to be adviced on units, technologies and strategies by a History-interested Polish user.

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