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YMMV / Midnight's Blessing

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  • Awesome Music:
    • The music that plays whenever Estradi appears, appropriately called "Sword of Bravery."
    • the duel between Estradi and the Blood Poet is also scored by an awesome piece of electric-guitar speedrock called "Over the Blood"
    • In the sequel, the music that plays over the world map evokes memories of classic Role Playing Games, Final Fantasy VI in particular.
    • Abbeywyyre Camp has some truly beautiful music, giving a refugee camp full of displaced monsters an almost pastoral feel.
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    • The music that plays on the Bride, the world's first airship.
      • To make it even more awesome, the entire soundtrack is in midi format. That's right, it's full of evocative and ass-kicking music, and it's all in a format just a step above 8-bit chiptunes!
  • Funny Moments:
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  • Mood Whip Lash: Welcome to Milo, Sidni! Walk around and talk to the people! Enjoy the majestic, regal music, watch an actor recite a scene from a play, watch the children play in a park, help unite a couple on a blind date, or talk to the artist in the town square. Then...go talk to the Govenor. Yeah...
  • Tear Jerker: Oh boy.
    • When Sidni is chased away from her friends in Sembra's Post, who blame her for the vampire attack.
    • During the showdown with the Governor of Milo AKA, Sidni's father, Sidni tries to use her Catchphrase to convince him of her identity. It fails, and he kills himself out of grief.
      • Then, it's suggested that his suffering has now ended. But you meet him again in the afterlife, and not only is he still convinced his daughter is dead, he's racing around looking for her. His suffering didn't even end at death.
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    • In Blackbone, the city of the dead, you can find Fidgar. When you speak to him, he apologizes for not remembering you, but saying that for some reason, when he thinks of you, he's reminded of a parrot. His granddaughter, who was killed by Brenna, owned a parrot. So, he's basically saying that up until he died, he thought of you as his granddaughter.
    • The Blood Poet is a loony who Rhymes on a Dime and once ordered his executioner (Estradi, his best friend) to kill a newborn to punish his father for the crime of unimagination. Still, when he's beaten in a duel, he quite sincerely asks if he'll see his father again in the afterlife. For a raving maniac, that's...just heartwrenching.
    • Returning the ghost's ring. It's one of the last sidequests you'll ever get, but the ghost is implied to be the mother of the baby whose soul was used to save Sidni.
      • Return the ring to her father, who lives in Sembra's Post and is one of Sidni's friends, and it'll be confirmed that he is the baby's grandfather. What's tragic about all this is, his daughter ran away from home over forty years before to be with the man she loved, who wound up getting her pregnant and then abandoning her. And then both she and her baby die.
    • Return to Milo after the Governor's wiped it out, and you'll find the city abandoned. What's worse, it's raining hard, everything is in a creepy monotone, and the background music is gone. Go inside the shops, and you'll find them manned by the ghosts of their proprietors.
    • In the sequel, Sidni and Diana venture to Sidni's Crest, a town named after Sidni's grandmother, and the place where her parents first lived when they were married. Talking to Diana inside their old house reveals a ghostly flashback of their life there, so happy and young and excited to be parents. It's just one huge tearjerker, when you consider that not even a year later, the marriage would fail, Sidni would be near-death, and Lasym would be insane over his daughter's illness.
      • "I'm going to get you used to this idea that you're a princess now if it kills me, Di."
  • That One Level: Several. The Divide is notorious for it's wolves, which hit hard, take several hits to defeat, and always attack in pairs. And it's only the second dungeon. There's also the Valley of Ghosts, which is swarming with hard-hitting enemies that Sidni must solo more than once, and finally, Dracula's Castle, which doesn't so much have enemies, as it has wave after wave of minibosses, punctuated with a few actual bosses.
    • Special mention to Thieu Na-Jy Steppes. Fast moving mobs, which hit hard and can tank some serious damage, winding mountain roads that can lead you to dead ends, and the brightness of the map can make it difficult and even painful to look at the screen.

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