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YMMV / Mass Effect: Ascension

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  • Complete Monster: Unscrupulous quarian Golo'Mekk "Golo" vas Usela was exiled from the Migrant Fleet for trying to sell the Collectors two dozen young quarians. Living on Omega and desiring revenge, Golo will happily betray or kill whoever he has to, seeking revenge against the Quarian Migrant Fleet for its actions. Jumping at the chance to get the Fleet's codes to Cerberus, Golo brutalizes a captive quarian, attempts to sell biotics to the Collectors and then tries to deliver the Migrant Fleet to Cerberus to be spied on or destroyed at their leisure, even killing other members of a quarian vessel and savagely beating Kahlee Sanders before even Cerberus Operative Paul Grayson has enough of Golo's evil and treachery.
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  • Heartwarming Moments: After all is said and done, Kahlee and Hendel discuss what he'll tell Gillian about her father.
    Kahlee: What are you going to tell Gillian if she ever asks about him?
    Hendel: I'm going to tell her the truth. Her father is a complicated man. He made some mistakes. But he loves her very much, and he only wants what's best for her. And in the end he did the right thing.
  • The Woobie: Gillian is an autistic preteen girl who easily gets upset by sudden changes in her environment, is an outcast among the students at Grissom Academy, and has half the assholes in the galaxy trying to kidnap her.


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