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YMMV / Marble Blast Gold

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  • Difficulty Spike: The "Beginner" levels are almost impossible to screw up in, but the "advanced" levels can be God-tier at times. (See "That One Level".)
  • Game-Breaker:
    • Gyrocopters allow you to fly ridiculous distances and Sequence Break huge chunks of levels if they're used right. However, they're not actually present in many levels.
    • While they're not as powerful as gyrocopters, super jumps can allow you to skip many time-consuming and challenging areas. They're also far more common than gyrocopters, allowing you to abuse them much more.
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    • Combining these effectively allows you to access any part of a level at will, though again they're very rarely present in levels in the same time.
    • Though they're supposed to be a hazard, tornadoes can launch you huge distances across levels, again allowing you to skip large parts of them. This is actually required to get the gold time on some levels, such as Survival Of The Fittest and Twisting The Night Away.
  • Self-Imposed Challenge: Beat the gold time in every level.
  • That One Level:
    • Level 23 advanced (Twisting the Night Away) has various sets of moving obstacles that either move in strange, intersecting curves or suddenly move one way or the other without warning, making a very frustrating and borderline unfair level. However, it can be made much easier by abusing the tornado and super jump powerup to skip most of the obstacles.
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    • Level 45 advanced (Tightrope), which has plenty of long, super-narrow tightropes that are very easy to fall from.
    • Level 50 advanced (Pathways), which has slightly wider tightropes with very quick-moving paddles that can knock you off in a second.
    • The beginner and intermediate levels are very easy to complete, but getting the gold time on some of them requires speed-run levels of timing and precision. For example, the gold time for the first intermediate level, 'Jump Jump Jump', requires you to find four hidden gems in under five seconds.

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