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Marble Blast Gold (2002) is a Puzzle Game created by Garage Games. It shipped with several mid-2000s models of the iMac and iBook, but is also available on the PC. The game is a puzzle/adventure game in which the goal is to control a marble from a start pad to a finish pad in various levels. Some levels involve the gathering of a set number of gems to complete. Many levels have PowerUps that may be required in order to pass certain points in the level. An upgrade, Marble Blast Ultra (2006), has also been made. Every level has a "gold time", a usually-challenging time which can be beaten just for the sake of beating it. Some also have a qualify time, where you have to complete the level within a certain time limit to proceed.


Tropes present in this game include:

  • Attract Mode: A playthrough of Advanced Level 40: Ordeal.
    • Some versions instead contain a playthrough of Advanced level 32: Whirl
  • Bottomless Pit: Sort of. If you go over the edge, you fall indefinitely until you're declared out of bounds (OOB).
    • If you manage to go too far horizontally or even upwards or hit the wrong trigger in a custom level, you can also fall OOB.
  • Camera Screw: The camera controls can get a little wonky under the right combination of slopes, gravity modifiers, and movements.
  • Darker and Edgier: Marble Blast Ultra, the Xbox 360 version, features darker lighting, a darker sky, and less cartoonish graphics, giving the game a more mature feel.
  • Diagonal Speed Boost: The gold times for most levels require some amount of diagonal running to achieve.
  • Difficulty Spike: The "Beginner" levels are almost impossible to screw up in, but the "advanced" levels can be God-tier at times. (See "That One Level" in the YMMV tab.)
  • Floating Platforms: Pretty much the entirety of every level, though there are also some within some levels.
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  • Forced Tutorial: Technically, most of the beginner levels are tutorials (although you can just skip to the intermediate levels if you want).
  • Game-Breaking Bug:
    • It's possible to get stuck in a wall, forcing a restart. This usually happens only on custom levels, and seems to be a glitch based on scaling and rotating the game's built-in panels.
    • At least two of the built-in levels feature glitched out-of-bounds triggers, so if you restart the level just before going out of bounds, it'll declare you out of bounds as soon as the level resets.
  • Game Mod: There is a huge modification community, consisting not only of fan-made levels (most of which even use custom-made game pieces), but also modifications of the game engine as a whole.
    • Marble Blast Platinum and Marble Blast Platinum Quest are two major examples.
  • Gravity Screw: Made possible with Gravity Modifiers.
  • Harder Than Hard: In addition to the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced sections, Platinum has a section of levels appropriately categorized as "Expert".
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  • Kaizo Trap: When you hit an out-of-bounds trigger, you have a couple of seconds where the game declares you out of bounds before it restarts you. Some custom levels place the finish pad in an out-of-bounds trigger. If you hit the trigger and reach the finish pad within about a second, then you can still finish the level. On the other hand, if you reach the finish pad after about one second, you still get the "Congratulations! You've finished!" message, but you haven't actually finished because the game will immediately restart you (and your finish is not recorded).
  • Leap of Faith: Level 4 advanced is called just that, it features a choice between a long narrow winding road and carrying out this trope via super-jumping across the level; at the end of it you need to fall down to a small platform, beside which the finish pad is located.
    • Perhaps an even better example is level 48 advanced (Icarus), which requires a long chain of super-accurate jumps using the Super Bounce powerup.
  • Level Editor: Not only can you make your own levels with existing panels from the game, but you can also upload your own panels to make more levels.
  • Lift of Doom: Several.
  • Mad Marble Maze: Three-Fold Maze (advanced level 9), A-Maze-ing (advanced level 14), and Escher's Race (advanced level 19). Three-Fold Maze and Escher's Race have the same interior, but have different placements of gems, pads, and Powerups, and the latter has a time limit.
  • Mutually Exclusive Powerups: Sort of. You can't hold more than one Powerup at once, but it is possible to use two Powerup in rapid succession to get an added effect (for instance, a Super Speed followed by a Super Jump will give you a very high and fast jump). Many custom levels take advantage of using multiple Powerups in a chain.
  • 100% Completion: 100 levels in all, though completing them all allows only the ability to play any level.
  • Pinball Zone: Level 42 advanced, Pinball Wizard. Made very difficult as the whole level is at an angle, making control very difficult.
  • Self-Imposed Challenge: Beat the gold time in every level.
  • Sequence Breaking: Many levels contain many shortcuts that let you skip parts of the level, some intended, others unintended. Some gold times require some sort of shortcut to beat.
    • In the level Thrill Ride (advanced level 1), the finish pad is close to the start pad. The game designers placed a large wall beside the start pad so people would have to take one of the long ways to finish the level. However, since then, people have found multiple ways to bypass the large wall and finish with a very low time.
  • Spring Jump: The super jump powerup. It can turn into In a Single Bound if you use one after landing from a large fall.
  • Super Speed: One of the powerups is just that. Guess what it does.
  • Timed Mission: Some levels have a qualify time that limits how long you can take in the level and still unlock the next one.
    • Going for the gold time makes any level into one of these.
  • Wall Jump: Possible but more than one jump in a sequence generally does not push the marble further upwards (due to gravity) unless Powerups are used. Some custom levels require one to complete.


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