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YMMV / Lost Frontier

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  • Good Bad Bugs: Sometimes, when leaving a game via Save and Exit, upon continuing a game, all Perks by all players are set to "Off". Somewhat irritating, but when playing the challenge maps, where your opponent is at Level 40 by default, this can possibly give you an edge.
  • Spoiled by the Format: As can be seen in Story Mode, the campaign has 24 chapters, so when Harvey finally dies in Chapter 21, you know you're not done just yet.
  • Game-Breaker: Living Legends in the game with maximum level can be quite powerful. Sometimes, The hero itself can be a one-man(or woman for Dutch and Romanov) army in a game. Especially In story mode, this can be obvious with several of them:
    • Wilcox's level 34 ability is "Agile Sniper", where he can shoot and move at the same turn. Combining with his "Long-arm" ability, Wilcox had just successfully upgraded himself some firepower from the power of a $700 Rifleman to that of $1200 Necromancer. To make it better, his level 40 ability turns his Cannons OP by increasing its maximum range from 4 to 5. Good luck having a cannon duel with that.
    • Romanov can handle the first 10 chapters all by herself or having minimum support. Her Vampiric nature made her a natural killer of the living. And the feat above is accomplished BEFORE she unlock her first ability.
    • Hawken's speciality in killing monsters can be pretty useful in the late game. With the primary enemy forces are Ghouls and Necromancers, Hawkin and his Slayers can hack a way for the rest of the allies and forces you control. It gets even better when he is at maximum level. Where neither fighting or running away can save the poor monsters from Clive's wrath, and he can auto-heal himself each round.

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