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YMMV / Law And Order Special Victims Unit S 14 E 24 Her Negotiation

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  • Complete Monster: William Lewis, known as "the Beast", is the Arch-Enemy of Detective Olivia Benson. His soft-spoken manner and good looks hide the fact that he is a killer, rapist, and sadistic torturer. Appearing here and in season 15, his MO is going from state to state, under different aliases, kidnapping, raping and torturing women, regardless of age, for hours and even days on end. When he was young, he watched his babysitter get raped and killed in front of him; he describes it as the best day of his life. Eventually he kidnaps Benson, forces her to watch as he kills the father and rapes the mother of his defense attorney. After killing a cop and taking Benson to a house to rape her, he takes a maid and young girl hostage. When Benson turns the tables on him, he deliberately tries to provoke her to kill him, an experience he makes Olivia relive during his trial. After his escape, he kills another cop, rapes a nurse and kidnaps a young girl. When Benson confronts him, he takes her hostage again, but becomes turned off by his initial molestations, so he decides to force her into a game of Russian Roulette. He ends up fatally shooting himself as one last way of tormenting Olivia, figuring she'll be accused of his murder.

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