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  • Broken Base: The "Penis Power/King of Dong Style" gimmick. At least after it started showing up outside of Dramatic Dream Team. Some think it's hilarious and enjoy that it's caught on and become another source of merchandise for him, others think it's stupidity and no longer want anything to do with him as a result.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: His proposes to his girlfriend mid-match then pins her while she's distracted by said proposal.
  • Older Than They Think: Joey had been wrestling for 12 years prior to appearing in TNA. As a humorous extension to this, a lot of wrestling fans don't realise that he has wrestled since 2001 due to his relatively recent explosion in popularity. A lot of cynical traditionalist type fans (the kind that usually subscribe wholeheartedly to the views of his detractors like Jim Cornette) often repeat the misconception that he is just a flash in the pan, without realising how long he has been in the business.(Cornette, who actually had worked a few promotions with Ryan before the viral video, and favored Tyler Black, said Ryan was a preliminary wrestler who had to do increasingly ludicrous things to stay over, which is a bit more accurate, whether or not you think it's a bad thing.)


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