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YMMV / Jayuzumi

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  • Broken Base:
    • His prank calls have overall had a more mixed reception compared to his game videos. Some want him to do more prank calls, others just tune in to the game videos.
    • A more odd one. The videos are viewed as funny, but Jay's attitudes to soundboards (and his responses to people's discussing it online) have been rather polarising, to the point that one of his nicknames was "The Soundboard Thief". Basically, Jay used to take free soundboards, do some tweaking and try passing them off as his own, occasionally charging money for them (granted, it wasn't much, but still). He's since stopped doing this and released the newer ones for free after getting rid of the ones that used to cost something, so the hate has died down to an extent- some people are outright trying to get him extradited and trialled in the US over this.
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  • Critical Research Failure: While some soundboards being confused makes sense, such as Peter Griffin and Ted, how do you confuse Peter Griffin and Homer Simpson's voices?
    Homer: (in response to a claim that someone is trying to be Peter Griffin) Are you losing your hearing, or are you just stupid?
  • Internet Backdraft:
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Some viewers tune in exclusively to see certain characters troll other gamers.
  • What an Idiot!: The first victim of "Bad Violin Trolling". Come on, there was no way that simply muting Jay wouldn't have solved his problem. Instead, he chooses to act like an idiot and doesn't even pronounce Jay's name properly.

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