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YMMV / It's Me or the Dog

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  • Fandom Rivalry: With fans of Cesar Millan, another dog trainer. Many fans of It's Me or the Dog disapprove of Millan's more dominance-based tactics, as they go against Stillwell's philosophy. On the other hand, Millan's fans view Victoria and those who use her methods as being too soft.
  • Memetic Mutation: Cupcake Dog. A scene where a dog named Stains stares hypnotized at a plate of cupcakes has often been used as a reaction image to indicate fear, or spliced with Vietnam War clips to make it seem like the dog is having war flashbacks.
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  • Nightmare Fuel: Some dog's more extreme behavioural problems can come across as unsettling to some viewers, whether the dog is either out of unbridled aggression, sudden act of hostility when they had seemed calm before, or extreme distress and anguish due to separation issues. One example has a large dog growling at a baby for simply petting it, prompting Victoria to quickly step in before a bite happens.
  • Squick: Anything that has to do with the dogs' defecating/urinating issues. Especially if they're eating their own poop. Special mention goes to Teo, a chocolate Labrador who not only went to the bathroom in the house and ate his fecesnote , but would later try to eat food off of his owners' plates right after he ate his own waste. The conditions in the house were so bad that the kitchen and lounge were both declared health hazards due to how much E. coli was present.


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