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YMMV / In the Castle of the Night

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  • Catharsis Factor: After finding out the horrible things Count Nicolai has done, plus him bragging about how invincible he is, seeing him try to scurry away after Stefan, his anchor is killed, his heart getting impaled, and him begging to be spared while getting dragged in by the mysterious lords of darkness is nothing short of satisfying.
  • Complete Monster: Count Nicolai Gabriel von Krolock, the Big Bad, is a Strigoi Mort vampire who seeks to spread terror and murder across the world. The youngest of the von Krolock family, Nicolai sought the ownership of Castle Krolock from his parents, murdering his brother Serghei's entire bloodline to do so. During his time in the castle, he tortured countless numbers of humans and fay alike for their blood, to the point where he caused several races to go extinct; spread a monster-turning plague that wiped out the city of Wisborg; slaughtered numerous villages across Transylvania for sport; and formed a cult who would sacrifice both adults and newborns to the dark lords in exchange for power. Seemingly dead, von Krolock implants his soul into his castle, planning to completely resurrect his physical self, using Serghei's last descendant Stefan as an immortal anchor to the physical realm and hiding him under his bed, preventing him from sunlight, food, and water. Using his spiritual powers, von Krolock has Frederick Hughes lure countless people to his castle, where von Krolock kills them in their sleep, implanting their souls into Pricolici wolves to serve as his attack dogs. When Hardestadt Delac arrives to stop him in the middle of a tour, von Krolock eviscerates most of the tourists, kills Frederick, and drains half of the Barovian villagers' blood to regain his energy.
  • Funny Moments: Pretty much everything out of Loren Prospero's mouth. Considering he's modeled after Vincent Price in both looks and personality, it's no shock.
    • When relating his marriage:
      Prospero: I was happily married twenty years ago. That ended ten years ago, but as of five years ago I am happily married once again.
      Daphne: I wish you joy on your second marriage then.
      Prospero: Still on the first, actually.
    • When it's discovered he's carrying a cross while in Romania, which forbids it.
      Daphne: You're wearing a cross?! Are you insane?
      Prospero: No, I'm Presbyterian.
  • Moment of Awesome: Elsie, a normal human roped into a terrifying situation, proving how badass she is by delivering a Boom, Headshot! to a fully wolfed-out Kryder.


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