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YMMV / Hour of Penance

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  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Mauro was something of this: he stayed behind the scenes even though he was a founding member, but his jawdropping speed, power, precision, and control made him a fan favorite and invited comparisons to George Kollias.
  • Epileptic Trees: Of the Nightmare Fuel variety: The cover art for Disturbance. What is that? A dying person? A crawling slave? A newborn baby? Debates are continuing.
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  • Face of the Band: Giulio Moschini. Francesco was this when he was still around.
  • Growing the Beard: The Vile Conception is often considered by fans as the true debut album.
  • Seasonal Rot: Cast the First Stone. While plenty of people would also call Regicide this, it has its fair share of defenders. The same can't be said for the former, as it is almost universally disliked and viewed as a boring mid-paced slog with absolutely nothing memorable.
  • Signature Song: "Misconception"
  • Vindicated by History: As well as Sequel Displacement; The first two albums aren't talked about much, and when they are, they're not seen as anything too impressive. Their signing onto Unique Leader Records for The Vile Conception, in addition to lineup changes, helped them with their popularity a bit.
  • Win Back the Crowd: Misotheism. Regicide was something of a Contested Sequel, but it had its fans, while Cast the First Stone is almost universally disliked and was called their worst album by many fans. Misotheism, on the other hand, has been praised as the best release since at least Sedition, if not Paradogma and was lauded for its return to their fast-paced blackened brutal death style from that era.

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