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YMMV / Hero Bank

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  • Ensemble Dark Horse: The Segalion/Segalion Mark II Hero-Gi suits, based on most comments after Sega Japan has officially revealed it. Most of the praises are due to the equipment being made up of Sega consoles, accessories, and items from Sega-made/produced games.
  • Ho Yay: Between Kaito and Nagare (the hero and the pretty boy) naturally, it's especially obvious on Nagare's side. One reason he wants to become a better battler is so he can impress Kaito. Also in another episode, the boys try cross-dressing to get more business, however, Kaito's friends get sucked into the girls' business what do the other two boys do, practice cross-dressing of course! At the end of the episode after the three boys decide not to cross-dress we see Nagare didn't get the memo as he's seen in a very cute and girly outfit flirting with Kaito however he isn't into girls, even if they are actually pretty crossdressing boys).


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