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  • Awesome Music: Hanson were arguably the bubblegum pop group of The '90s, and they're no slouches in making pop music today.
    • Middle Of Nowhere is chock full of great pop music: "MmmBop" and to a lesser extent, "Where's The Love" were big singles for a good reason; they're basically a white Jackson 5 with an Alternative Rock kick to them. And if you think those are catchy, check out the album's hidden track, "Man From Milwaukee"!
    • "Penny & Me," widely considered to be the single where Hanson both literally and figuratively grew up and proved that they could hold their own as a rock band plenty well despite their One-Hit Wonder label.
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    • "This Time Around." The piano build into a soulful chorus has incredible impact, and it's a shame this song isn't better remembered.
    • Of course, there's the de facto proof that Hanson's Still Got It as grownups: the absolutely boss dance track "Thinking 'Bout Something."
    • 'I was Born' is a really good sing-along.
  • Never Live It Down: Part of why their more recent, more mature work is limited to niche appeal is... well, they started out with "MmmBop."
  • Signature Song: "MmmBop"
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: Most of their work consists of upbeat Silly Love Songs.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Not a few straight males mistook them for girls in the MmmBop video, leading to some embarrassing moments later on.

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