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  • Broken Base: Quite a lot of fans were dissatisfied with Hacktivist's full-length debut album. The backlash was caused mostly because of slightly high expectations kept by the fans since their self-titled EP.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: Quite a lot of this has happened by accident, due to the band recording multiple versions of their songs in the pre-debut album days.
    • The instrumental section between the first chorus and the bridge is slightly different on the first version of "Hacktivist".
    • The first versions of "Elevate" and "False Idols" have less aggressive sounding vocals and less vocal interplay.
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    • The first version of "Decieve and Defy" featured former Heart In Hand vocalist Charlie Holmes. When Holmes was disgraced due to being accused of sex offences, he was replaced by Jamie Graham of Heart Of A Coward.
    • In the video for "Cold Shoulders", a second guitar player is seen. He hasn't been seen in the band since. It also appears that they had a different bass player at the time too. It's entirely possible that the band were experimenting with members, considering that they hadn't started playing live shows at that point.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Of djent, rap metal, and nu metal. They're one of the few that get respect from traditional metalheads.
  • Face of the Band: J, Timfy James, and Ben.
  • More Popular Spin Off:
    • To Heart of a Coward (Timfy James and Ben Marvin are both former members), a band so un-noteworthy it doesn't even have a Wikipedia page.
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    • Josh Gurner was the bass player of British metalcore act Sacred Mother Tongue. Whilst they were fairly successful in the UK, they never managed to gain the same success anywhere else.

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