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  • Arc Fatigue: There are quite a few players who feel that the 'Hands of Decay' arc has gone on for far too long.
  • Base-Breaking Character: John 'Everyman' Smith is intentionally written to be as offensive and unlikeable as possible, often spouting misogynistic and homophobic slurs. While some players find his antics funny, others go completely out of their way not to respond at all.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Out of the NPC's, Cupid - literally a talking Big, Friendly Dog dressed up with cherub wings, sunglasses, and heart decorations - is particularly beloved, probably because whenever he shows up, a hilarious event is sure to follow.
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  • Moral Event Horizon: During the Hands of Decay event, one of their underground hideouts was discovered, after they tried to blow up the entrance. When it was excavated, there were starving, dying hostages left behind in cells, left to die. The characters who found them nearly vomited.
  • Never Live It Down: To this day, Skeletor's introduction lives in infamy.
  • Running the Asylum: A deliberately invoked example. The mods encourage players to start their own plots, and mod events are designed in such a way as to be as open-ended as possible, for players and characters to respond in any way they see fit.

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