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YMMV / Frankenstein (1910)

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Originated the idea that the Monster was pure evil from the start (being the representation of the evil in Frankenstein's mind) rather than starting out as a blank slate and becoming evil because of how he was treated. On the other hand, Victor's characterization is more or less intact.
  • Awesome Music: Whoever scored the YouTube version really knew what they were doing. Throughout the film, the music is appropriate to the scene and manages to make the Monster still seem threatening.
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  • Special Effect Failure: While the actual special effects still hold up pretty well for a film that's more than a century old, the same cannot be said for the Mood Lighting. During the climax, the tints abruptly shift from a sepia tone to teal when the Monster appears, but the surroundings remain the same, making a transition just as jarring as a Jump Cut without actually cutting to anywhere else.


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