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YMMV / Effi Briest

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: So much that it's a regular feature of school discussions.
    • Effi: innocent free-spirited child forced into a marriage and a life she didn't really want, or ungrateful weak-willed woman who failed to grow up?
    • Instetten: Heartless, pedantic, dirty old workaholic or betrayed husband who did the best he could?
  • Squick: Instetten is Effi's mother former suitor, and though he doesn't love Effi (marrying her rather for financial prospects) he genuinely loved her mother. Meaning a teen marries her mom's former lover.
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  • Values Dissonance: Among the reasons why many school children who are forced to read it in German high school hate it; few of the actions of the major characters make much sense with modern views of gender, sexuality and "honor". Then again, that might've been Fontane's point.

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