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  • Fanservice: Characters in the original Dust comic book, particularly the women, are sometimes drawn this way. This is reflected in a couple of the 'Hero' figures in the games. Also, the set of female mechanic figures for sale on the hobby website look more like pin up models than Rosie the Riveter.
  • Dueling Games: The Dust games are contemporaries of Tannhauser and Secrets Of The Reich.
  • House Rules: Fans have created rules for characters and weapons not published with the game. They include real life World War II vehicles and weapons, prototypes and other things that never made it to the battlefield and fictional characters suitable for the time period. Indiana Jones and Wolverine fighting the Red Skull and his E-100 Maus? Why not?
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  • Spiritual Successor: to Gear Krieg and Weird War.

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