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YMMV / Doctor Who S37E6 "Demons of the Punjab"

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  • Awesome Music: The rather haunting Indian-style rendition of the theme tune used for the credits, using male vocals in place of the typical synth riff to great effect.
  • Les Yay: When the Doctor spouts off a list of things that could happen should Yaz interfere with known events, she makes an interesting addition to the one where Yaz could get herself erased from the timeline.
    The Doctor: We can't have a universe with no Yaz.
    • Also, earlier, the Doctor seems to cave in quite easily to Yaz's request to be taken back in time to see her grandmother's early years, only half-heartedly saying that she shouldn't.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: The story of the Partition in India is not entirely a globally-known historical event (with most fiction & literature about it remaining in the Indian subcontinent, and the most globally-familiar being Salman Rushdie's Midnight’s Children and Gandhi, among others). Doctor Who touching on an obscure subject, giving it enough emotional and current weight not only for history enthusiasts, but also for a newer generation of viewers (especially those of Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi heritage), speaks very well of it.


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