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YMMV / Disparity Between The Truth And Lies

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Warning! All spoilers below may be unmarked.

  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Ryoichi was this at the beginning. Some found him endearing while others found him annoying. Most people do find him annoying, believing that his actions are false as well as his personality.
    • Amyto. This is because of the second trial. She was the one who killed Fuwari and wanted to torture Minori. She is also a Yandere, so it's either double points for her, or against her. People either love her for how ditzy and sweet she is, or hate her for how superficial she seemed to be. She could be annoying, after all.
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    • Seiga is starting to become one, and well he just fell right in Chapter 3. How he acts towards Minori and Fumio aren't justifiable at all.
  • Ship Mates:
    • Minori and Sagiso seem to be this, as well as Minori and Asami at the beginning.
    • Kaniza and Nezumi as well. Aren't you glad it's canon?!
      • Well, it would be if Nezumi didn't die, naked alongside an alive and traumatized Kaniza.
    • Rin and Ryoichi are hinted as one, though it might only be from Ryoichi's viewpoint.
    • You can point Sheina and Saori's relationship as well to become this.
  • Speech-Centric Work:
    • It does look like this. Most of what happens will always have some sort of dialogue in it, if not detailed paragraphs detailing the mind of Minori or the expressions of the Ultimates and Monokuma.
  • What the Hell, Hero?:
    • Although Asami is good at heart, she was the one who killed Haruko. And Kamui is at fault as well. The two of them had plotted to murder Haruko, and although their intentions were good, some would argue that if they truly wanted to save the group, they would've killed one another. To kill a third party makes Asami and even Kamui's motive seem a bit more gray. People still love Asami regardless.
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    • Seiga's actions as of Chapter 3. For starters, even before that chapter, during the end of the second trial Seiga lashed out at Minori for what happened at the end of the trial (them having initially voted wrong). Chapter 3, however, was the one where people began to talk about Seiga's personality, especially with how he acts towards Minori and Fumio.
    • People lashed out at Minori when he ended up arguing with Sagiso in Chapter 3. They believe that he doesn't have the right to do that.

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