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YMMV / Descent: The Enemy Within

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  • Demonic Spiders: Given the diverse roster of robots, this was inevitable.
    • The Terapinner is the upgrade follow-on to the Piper. It uses the potent Gauss Cannon which tends to push you around, thus ruining your aim and messing up your targeting. What's worse is that it is normally set to Snipe, an AI setting that enables any robot to fire double or triple the amount of its max shots in one volley while simultaneously backpedaling and escaping the area. Makes tracking it down and destroying it a very dicey affair.
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    • The Komodo is the Super Hulks of the mod, however they are much smaller and lighter; this means they get pushed around a lot by your weapons, which makes targeting them harder. As with the Terapinners above, they are typically set to Snipe which compounds their lethality. A single volley of homing missiles from a Komodo could end a fully shielded Pyro.
    • The E-bandit of the group, the Fulcrum, is just as annoying and deadly as the Mantids with two major exceptions: they explode with more force than normal which not only pushes your ship back but hurts you a fair bit, but also a doubled up energy pulse that fires off more homing plasma with each shot fired upon it. The fact it drains your energy upon contact and travels in swarms doesn't help matters.
    • Kalki. That one word alone should instill dread in any player who has beaten this mission. It first blinds you with a homing Flash Missile and follows that up with the homing Omega Cannon. A weapon that can drain your shields just as fast as a Piper can shred them with its Vulcan Cannon.
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    • Although appearing quite late into the mission (literally in the final 6 levels), the Warlord still makes a profound impact on the player. With a Fusion Cannon as its primary weapon and a Mega Missile as secondary, this robot can one-shot you easily in almost any situation. Its better to just pick it off from afar with heavy weaponry than go toe-to-toe with it!
  • Goddamned Bats: There are a few annoying enemies that qualify.
    • The new thief bot, the Somnambulant, is not only faster than the vanilla thief from the original game but he also packs a mean punch with his energy pulse. To make matters worse, the pulse setting is set to triple the amount of homing plasma bolts per energy-based shot fired on him. Good luck trying to chase him down and kill him to snag back your stuff he stole!
    • The Mantid is your standard Diamond Claw-type enemy except it is insanely fast, highly aggressive and travels in packs. If caught off guard, you could be pushed across the room by one of them with half your shields gone within a few seconds!
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    • The Piper is basically your Class 1 Driller equivalent in this new roster of robots. Its Vulcan Cannon can shred your shields literally within seconds if you are caught unawares, which is most often the case. The only saving grace against this robot is the fact it is mostly stationary and has weak shields.
    • The Juju is another one of the 'spawn more robots upon death' variety. The only difference is that this robot carrier packs an energy pulse when fired upon by energy based weapons. This fact alone, coupled with the placement of many of these robots in tight, confined corridors make this robot a credible threat and a nuisance.
    • The Parasite is this mod's answer to the Omega robots from the main game. The only difference? Energy pulse. No longer can you backpedal and fire upon the kamikaze robot until it explodes, it'll actively fight back with its pulse making an already messy situation worse.
  • Play the Game, Skip the Story: Although the story does have its highlights, most players just tend to skip straight to the levels, which most have agreed are quite fun.
  • That One Boss: Of the six new robot bosses, there is only one that makes the cut.
    • Boss 5 - Senbonzakura. Anything with the homing Flash Missile weapon is going to be a legit threat to you. Coupled with its primary weapon of Mega Missiles and you got a one hit kill anytime you are blinded by the flash. The best technique is to not let it see you.
  • That One Level: Not surprisingly, it also happens to be the same level where That One Boss resides in as well - Level 25 - The Core is the Nexus. You constantly travel out into the boss arena in small vent-like ducts with windows looking out into the arena; sometimes if the boss sees you and fires its load into the vents, you're basically dead. Once out into the arena, three matcens activate with only Kalki as their spawns. Based on the descriptions above, you know how bad this situation is.

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