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YMMV / Collateral Beauty

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  • Critical Dissonance: Critics hated this movie - it is sitting at 14% on Rotten Tomatoes. Audiences were more forgiving, with the audience reaction hanging around 64% on the same site.
  • Glurge: One of the most common criticisms for this film is that it's deliberately manipulating the audience and is obvious Oscar Bait.
  • The Scrappy: Some viewers find Whit, Claire and Simon pretty unsympathetic in their attempt to gaslight Howard by digitally removing the actors and confronting him with evidence that he's not all right to force him to go through with the sale of the company. In their defense, Howard's inability to deal with his grief has destroyed their careers, and despite this they do seem to honestly want to help him.
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  • Tear Jerker: Everyone in the main cast has real trauma to work through, and anyone who has been in a similar situation can emphasize with them.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Some viewers feel that Whit, Claire, and Simon are unsympathetic and that therefore the time spent on resolving their problems was wasted.

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