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For a Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's series, Call Of Darkness certainly lays on the fridge straight.

  • Horror: The current head of the Misawa family was present during the White Witch Massacre, which was an iconic moment where a gang-fight was broken up and the first recorded use of the Spell card Raigeki in the context of Psychic powers. The implications of the Misawa family's background that were never quite explained meant that Ryokai and his cousin actually witnessed about two hundred or so of his own associates being vaporized by the White Witch, Madame Seiran Shimotsuki who also was Setsuka's mother, and his background meant that he couldn't tell anyone without getting into trouble. The Fridge Horror only heightens when we find out that his older brother Tsugare, and younger cousin Youkai, ran away to the Movement to escape his grandfather The Don Idaten Misawa, so two of his remaining family just became hostages to the very organisation that produced the horror he witnessed.
    • He admitted this only to Seika after more than ten years, stating in so many words that he was so relieved she knew what it felt like to be powerless amongst the powerful. Makes this Ascended Fridge Horror.
  • Logic: The entire gambit of Duelist Kingdom was Setsuka setting everything up to corner all Duelists on the island to drain Duel energy to restore Kisara. Yet Ryuusei had proven that Setsuka could have healed Kisara just as easily, by her own power if not by using Kiyoshi as a sacrifice. The only reason this gambit succeeded was because no one believed that Setsuka's plan was constructed to kill Ayame as its primary goal, and that everyone was too focused on the threat of Seto Kaiba. That was also why Setsuka didn't stop Ayame from leaving Duelist Kingdom with Judai Yuuki in the middle of the arc; she knew that with the right incentive Ryuusei would call her back.
  • Ho Yay: For a Fanfic with only quite a few straight and gay couples, there are a few instances.
    • Les Yay: Michiru. This is her view on Setsuka while she was ranting about another character.
    Michiru: I shall be there to see it, every single piece, and then I will kiss Her Majesty on that pretty blood-stained mouth as we dance and the bodies of our fallen enemies crunch underfoot.
And later:
I [Seika] was then seized by the throat, and slammed against the double doors. Michiru's breath was hot on my ear as she leaned forward, her black hair so much like Setsu-chan's locks tangling between my own strands.
Michiru: Oh, dear girl... his love was too sweet. (Michiru sweetly muttered, kissing my(Seika's) ear and then nipping it with an incisor.) Next time, the people you might have to kill would not be so compliant or merciful like us. Just a warning to you.

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