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This is the character sheet for Call Of Darkness and its prequels, sequels, drabbles and spin-offs. Look out for Loads and Loads of Characters.

For sake of size, each organisation (excluding Dramatis Personae) will have their own folder from this point on. For the sake of English formatting, names will also be listed in Western format (first name before last name) compared to the fic itself, which primarily uses Japanese format (family name before own name).


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     Dramatis Personae 

Seika Kannazuki, codename: Polaris; Pandora

The first-person narrator and main heroine of the story Call Of Darkness, and the Young and in Charge fourth head of the Arcadia Movement after the disappearance of her equally youthful predecessor. Notably at eighteen years old, and is powerless. In short, she's a normal girl in charge of a worldwide organisation of Psychics.

  • Ascended Extra: She didn't feature all that much in the first and second stories, but in the third story, Call Of Darkness, she actually holds her own.
  • Black Magician Girl: Plays a Fortune Lady deck.
  • Meaningful Name: Her surname is the old name for October, and perhaps a reference to Kannazuki no Miko. Her own name means 'star flower'.
  • Not Quite Human: Stated to be a Changeling, and confirmed by Ryuusei. The source of much angst for her as a result of barely fitting in with the Movement, never mind the rest of humanity. Luckily, she's not alone.
  • Took a Level in Badass: In the first arc, most of Seika's involvement was showing her stress, despair and fear as a normal girl suddenly thrown into responsibility over many Psychics, most of which have no respect for her and remain only out of respect for the position she holds. At the end of the first arc, she proves her own courage in literal warfare, and has been continually working ever since.
  • Young and in Charge: Word of God says that Seika is technically eighteen, and so still a minor - indeed, there are some scenes which show her in Duel Academia Queens. Yet, she is in charge of fifty thousand Psychic Duelists in Neo Domino itself and of upwards of one million across the globe, the Central Movement in Neo Domino City, Japan being the flagship of the Arcadia Movements in Louisiana, New York, Europe, Peru, Brazil, Tel Aviv, Jordan, the UAE, Russian, Indian, Chinese, Southeast Asian, Polynesian and Oceanic Movements.

Chase Princeton, codename Zero

"What's my skill set, you ask? You'll see."

The other first-person narrator of Call Of Darkness, and the man whom bad luck, action and misfortune seems to dog. Heir to the Manjoume Group, he also works freelance with the Arcadia Movement in an investigative capacity. As the nephew of Jun Manjoume, he can see Duel Spirits. As the student of Kyosuke Kiryu (Kalin Kessler) he's also an Infernity Duelist, an ace rider, and wears a Badass Longcoat. Has a boyfriend nicknamed Youkai.

  • Action Survivor: Technically, aside from being able to see and touch spirits he has no power. Therefore his boyfriend Youkai provides the muscle while he runs away and/or plots.
  • Anti-Hero: Wavers between Classic and Disney, but can also turn Pragmatic Hero. He's generally a good guy with a bad case of Chronic Hero Syndrome, but he's got connections, money and knowledge how to use it, and generally not inclined towards forgiveness or mercy. Isn't that right, Ryuusei?
  • Being Good Sucks: Quite.
  • The Chew Toy: Pretty much.
  • Cowboy Cop: More or less takes this attitude to everything, seeing as he was raised mostly as an Infernity Duelist.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Yes, so much yes.* Destructive Savior: Pretty much. It's a common discussion amongst the accounting departments of the Arcadia Movements worldwide that Central runs up the most bills because of him.
  • Determined Defeatist: Will try to win, but hardly ever think about his own survival. Luckily, no one is seriously intending to kill him... yet.
  • Straight Gay: Not that anyone can tell. Despite happily dating a rather pretty male Psychic Duelist, the author is inclined to label Chase as bisexual.
  • Trouble Magnet: And how.

Rex Atlas, codename King

"Two years of hell isn't enough? Watching my friend rip himself apart over each death isn't enough?! Watching someone else do everything that I couldn't do, while I travelled and hoped for a way to reach beyond isn't enough?! I don't want power, or land, or anything like that. I've seen the trappings of it, of how my father was hardly ever at home, of how my mother always kept crying to herself and keeping newspaper clippings of him in her scrapbook, of how Reina couldn't even remember his face except that it's just like mine!"

The son of Jack Atlas and Carly Nagisa. Badass Normal friend of Chase, and another older brother figure of Seika. Has a younger sister, Reina Atlas, whom he is very protective of. The third and last member of the trio - because of Rule of Three. Is not involved very often, though. Doesn't really appear that often, due to a desire to keep a low profile and look after his family. An oddity amongst Atlas men.

  • Big Brother Instinct: Full-fore. The series implies that Carly was suffering from post-natal depression and that Jack was often overseas at tournaments due to being World King, leaving Rex as the sole caretaker of his very young toddler sister, Reina.
  • Generation Xerox: Chase describes him as a miniature clone of Jack Atlas. His grey eyes are the only visible indication that he is related to Carly.
  • Genius Bruiser: Aside from being about 180 cm, presumably able to fight, and also a good Duelist, Rex is serving an internship with the Daily Duel newspaper. Chase himself had commented that people see Rex and often expect him to be as narcissistic and brainless as his father, a fact that often leads them to underestimate Rex.

     The Arcadia Movement 

The organisation of Psychics revamped after years of bad press, and the main Big Good of this universe. They still keep a preference of Psychic Duelists, although in recent years they have been branching out world-wide, becoming respectable organisations, albeit questionable in several sectors. Is assisted by the offshoot group named the Knights of Arcadia, which is assuredly not a splinter group.Recently revealed that its size is partially due to Setsuka using the Movement to hide a multitude of Changelings amongst the Psychic population, so it can be said to be an organisation for loners that strange things happen to.

Note: Due to the size of this particular organisation, the members would be divided by their particular Movement chapter, i.e. which area they serve.

Tropes that cover all include:

  • Action Girl: Most female members qualify as this. To not qualify is to die, or become the one-time Damsel in Distress.
  • Artistic License – Economics: The Movement is funded by the Shimotsuki family's inheritance. For ten years? Worldwide?
    • Averted. The Central Movement themselves take tax breaks, receive a stipend from the governments as a result of being declared allied with the City Council of Neo Domino, own properties, and is assumed to supply extra security if paid to do so under the work-for-board scheme. And they also work with the law enforcements in the cities they are based in, or are assumed to. Chase even paraphrased part of the process as 'having sneaky ways to get paid more'.
  • Artistic License – Law: Happens a lot with the Movement. The Arcadia Rights Bill of 20XX, only in Neo Domino, apparently allows the Movement to commit summary execution on any rogue Psychic. Meaning that a Psychic could be killed without a trial. The Arcadia Rights Bill is also used to press Psychic Duelists in Neo Domino into service alongside law enforcement just by proximity, but this last one is barely ever used.
    • Amongst fifty thousand Psychic Duelists, only about a thousand are active members that work for the Movement. Fifty or so have advanced combat training. Assuming that the population of Neo Domino is about five million, this means that about 1% of the population of Neo Domino is Psychic, but only 0.02% to police it for Psychic crimes, and 0.001% to have advanced combat training. Not too shabby, but also means that the Movement is quite stretched in Neo Domino. Although it's implied that the Castle has its own defence systems...
      • Firearms is included under the classes covered in advanced combat. This is rather strange with the fact that Japan's strict anti-gun law means that guns are somewhat extraneous. Hardly extra when the concept of other branches is brought up. The reason for teaching guns in a country that doesn't allow civilians to have guns is so as to mitigate the extra training needed for those going to countries with guns.
  • Badass Biker: Most of them ride on D-Wheels. Those who don't, find equally cool methods of high-speed mobility. Such as dragon-riding.
  • Cards of Power: Duh.
  • Distinguishing Mark: Some, if not all.
  • Heroes of Another Story: A lot of the spin-offs tend to happen simultaneously with the main storyline told by either Chase or Seika. So most of the time, one adventure is happening the same time as another, due to the Arcadia Movement being a world-wide organization.
  • Heroes With Bad Publicity: The Arcadia Movement sometimes suffers from this because of some unfortunate incidents that have happened throughout history, as well as in real life. They are a secular organisation of people with Hidden Powers.
  • The Men in Black: They focus on fighting supernatural forces that ordinary people don't even know exist.
  • Nom de Guerre: Every Psychic Duelist has a code-name , or could be assigned one to be used. Their details are therefore all registered under that codename, up to and including all intelligence and training records. Presumably the Movement's solution to any Super Registration Act, seeing as even if access to their files would become publicised, there would be no way to link the file back to any Psychic without the Who's Who of the entire Arcadia Movement. There are presumably no photographs, and the Who's Who is limited per chapter, hence there is no universal list.
    • Code-names could be inherited, seeing as Setsuka was once code-named Winter, became Polaris later, and then Seika took over as Polaris. The meaning behind the code-name is clear; the head of the Central Movement is the navigational star.
  • Oddly Small Organization: Subverted. They are a world-wide organization: there are about one million members total. The reason why we don't see that many is because of their system of operation: upon achieving control enough to function in normal society, the Psychic Duelist may choose to pay off their debts to the Movement - because, obviously, the Movement is not a charity - and return to society as a Hidden Badass. Therefore, the Central Movement alone technically has about two thousand or so members at any time, including the Knights of Arcadia, archiving, administrative, security and recruitment staff, though in trouble they can call upon a force of ten thousand 'civilian' Psychics. Seeing as the odds are about one in a million, their rather eclectic community could be explained as part of work; reaching out to Psychics might require quite a bit of raw manpower in the beginning, but with accumulation of resources the manpower needed could be cut. It would also meant that Psychics who don't wish to use their powers or who don't wish for a permanent affiliation with the Movement could leave after the Movement's duties towards that Psychic is discharged.
    • Recently revealed that part of that population is made up of Changelings, so the actual number of Psychics are much smaller.
  • Power Crystal: Duelists of Class III and above (think of people with powers close to Divine (Sayer in the dub)) are required to wear a crystal limiter. Their power is so incredible that they need a necklace to control themselves.
  • Psychic Powers: Duh.

Central Movement (Neo Domino Movement, Central Arcadia Movement)

The flagship Arcadia Movement, based in Neo Domino City, Japan. Is also the main setting where most of the characters of Call Of Darkness come in.

Leader: Seika Kannazuki

See Dramatis Personae above.

Secretary: Iemitsu Nakamura, codename Bushido

Formerly the butler of the Shimotsuki family, now he serves as the right hand of the head of the Arcadia Movement, and a surrogate father figure for Seika.

  • Battle Butler
  • Legacy of Service: To Setsuka, to Seika, and later to Orion. Even better, he started service to the Madame Shimotsuki.
  • Parental Substitute: To Setsuka, and later to Seika. Also, being arguably older than the average active member, to many members of the Arcadia Movement, such that nearly everyone calls him 'Nakamura-san'.

Archivist: Kaido Ariyashi, codename Spirit of the Books (AKA Spirit)

Security: Yukio Yamada & Yuko Yamada, codenames Cold Wolf and Hercules respectively

  • Evil Twin: Depends. Yukio, the older, is more pragmatic and tends towards The Spock mentality. Yuko is much nicer, and tends towards The McCoy.
  • Hidden Depths: Yukio cares more for his family than his icy outlook suggests. He is also capable of matching Chase snark for snark.
  • Kill It with Fire/Kill It with Ice: Yuko is a Class V Duelist who can set off the equivalent of a nuclear bomb. Yukio is a Water-oriented Duelist with a more fine-tuned approach.
  • Tag Team Twins: They do tend to tag-team against any Duelist they meet.
  • The Stoic: Yukio.

Logistics: Nowaki Misawa aka Youkai, codename: Sylph

Born as the youngest of a family with Unfortunate Implications as the family business, Youkai ran away from home at thirteen and was forcibly inducted into the Arcadia Movement after being found. Afterwards, he has hooked up with Chase and they remained sort-of Happily Married for up to five years or more already.

  • Badass Gay: He is.
  • Blow You Away: His powers are centred around the winds and storms.
  • Hot-Blooded: Almost loses his cool in the face of being eaten by a Behemoth, King of All Animals. It takes Chase to snap him out to use a Remove Trap
  • Le Parkour: Seems to practice this, looking at the descriptions of his moves.

Hazuki Himemiya, codename Titania

"You call me a second-rate Duelist? Very well. I shall show you our power... the power of the Queens of Queens."

A Cool Big Sis replacement for Seika, and also one of four legendarily powerful female Duelists in her school days, such that she is still known as one of the Four Queens of Queens.

  • Badass Bureaucrat: What she does.
    • Then she also served an internship as a manager for a tour... yes, it's fair to say she's Pepper Potts.
  • Fiery Redhead: Symbolises FIRE, if the Four Queens of Queens follow the theme of the Hellenic elements.
  • Green Thumb: She runs a Plant deck.
  • Playing with Fire: To be more exact, she runs a Plant Burn deck.
  • Theme Naming: Her name can be translated as 'month of falling leaves', her codename is a reference to the Queen of the Faeries, and she runs a Plant deck.

Uzuki Himemiya, codename: Kraehe

"Are you kidding? This kind of thing is why some Duelists get into the game – for the yelling!"

Seika's best friend, and recently the newest member of the Arcadia Movement's combat specialists. Also eighteen.

Orion Hunter, codename Goldenrod

"I've finished Shadow Duelists more evil than you before, kitty. I'm coming for you now."

Setsuka's older cousin who disappeared for ten years after Setsuka defeated him in a Duel and also landed him in hospital. Made a deal with the Duel Spirit, Exodia the Forbidden One, for enough power to beat Setsuka. Of course, Setsuka got an upgrade while he was gone... so, he got his ass kicked once again.

  • Determinator: Ten years searching for a cure/release for his cousin.
  • Dysfunctional Family: We're talking about the older cousin of the almighty and terrifying Winter Queen, and the nephew of the woman who helmed the Arcadia Movement after Divine. What else did you expect?
    • In the prologue of Grisaille Goal, it looks like Setsuka had a creepy crush on him.
  • Doppelganger: Chase comments that Setsuka's type is dark-haired, blue-eyed men. Orion resembles her boyfriend. It is unsure where her type starts or ends.
  • Glowing Eyes: Gives off flashes of this when the power of his contract is wielded.
  • Heroic BSoD: Has one when Setsuka disembowels him with her bare hands.
  • Power Source: Presumably, Exodia.
  • Power Tattoo: Bears one on his arm as a mark of his contract.
  • Sherlock Scan: Capable of one.

Yuuki Yamada, codename: Inferno.

The cousin of Yukio and Yuko. Had a slightly happier childhood where his father didn't throw him out of the house for the crime of being Psychic. Runs an Evol- deck.

  • Big "NO!": He refused to believe that his friend could be responsible for the entire mess, or that Kiyoshi could use him in such a callous manner. It took Kiyoshi unleashing the Kill 'Em All order for him to accept it.
  • Broken Bird: His beloved friend tried to kill him, and was returned to his doorstep in a Fate Worse than Death. He has to see that same person in a medically induced coma, scarred and tattooed, and with the enmity of the entire Central Movement now that the whole organisation knows that Kiyoshi is responsible for the attacks upon the Castle.
  • Playing with Fire: As part of his Evol deck.
  • Straight Gay: Not that you can tell, aside from his obsession over Kiyoshi.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Was used by his friend Kiyoshi to enter the Arcadia Movement.

Tsugare Misawa, codename: White Rose

Youkai's older cousin. Tends to dress all in black. Moved to the United Kingdom, hence his records were transferred to the European Movement, placing him under the 'former member' label. All but retired, but apparently he's got more skill.

Ryuusuke Diamondblade, codename: unknown

The son of Amelda Crowley of DOMA fame, he was sent to the Central Movement with a letter. Seika accepted him into the care of the Arcadia Movement per the wishes of Amelda, delivered in a letter. Revealed to be a Changeling with a Gyakutenno Megami as a mother. His mother's state is currently unknown.

  • Light 'em Up: Runs a Light Fairy deck. He is also a Changeling.
  • The Load: He's not really doing anything to advance the story.

The Louisiana Movement (The New Orleans Movement, the Louisiana Arcadia Movement)

The Arcadia Movement, Louisiana chapter. Set in New Orleans, LA. Headquarters is named Babel Tower, set in Canal Street, and owned partially by the plushie company Symphony. They have another branch, mostly serving as a dormitory.

Leader: Justin Aquila, codename Stellar

Mentioned in passing. Currently MIA.

Vice-Leader/Financier: Merci Sophia, codename Virgo.

The acting leader of the Arcadia Movement. CEO of the company Symphony, which manufactures plushies. Runs a Ghostrick deck.

  • Casting a Shadow: Her skills.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Runs a Dark deck, doesn't seem that evil.
  • Goth: Dresses all in navy blue, has a rather strong opinion, and is headstrong and pessimistic.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: Has this for the Shion family, who killed hers. Subverted in that Setsuka slaughtered the Shions, and did unmentionable things that still keeps her in line.
  • The Trickster: Her strategy revolves around flipping monsters face-down and protecting themselves as long as they are face-down. In effect, they act like pranksters or mischievous spirits: popping out and scaring people, then running away and hiding.

Archivist/Secretary: Mu Narukami, codename: Thunder

Merci's assistant. Abilities unknown.

Combat: Alexianna LeRouge, codename: Angel

Technology: Ichiro Kanzaki, codename: Clockwork

Abilities currently unknown.

Communications: Kaname Ishihara, codename: Castle

Takeshi's older sister, and also a Psychic Duelist. Abilities currently unknown, aside from the standard Combo Platter Powers

Takeshi Ishihara

Younger brother of Kaname. Student of Harald. Holder of all three Aesir cards.

The Oceanic Movement/ The Ozzy Movement

Technically the Oceanic Movement, it is based mainly in Canberra, with an outpost in Sydney. Better known as the Australian Movement, despite the misnomer. Not featured in the main storyline, but in a spin-off.

Leader: James Crocodile Cook II (Jimmy Cook), codename: Crux

The - unwitting - young leader of the Oceanic Movement. Also Setsuka's boyfriend, and another surrogate brother figure. Despite all clues, nepotism really did not feature in his entrance.

  • Awesome Aussie: Is willing to die to take Setsuka down, if it would drag her down with him. More of a Fool for Love thing, but we gotta give him points though it didn't take.
  • Dating Catwoman: Debatable. He is dating the fearsome Cold Queen, and we have Word of God that there's a marriage certificate.
  • Nerves of Steel: Part of the reason why he got the leadership; he is one of the few men willing to stand up to Setsuka. The girl who, by the way, landed him in hospital.
  • Nice Guy: Quite polite and nice, actually. He doesn't seem to dislike Setsuka for dropping in despite the sentiments of the other leader-candidates, and he stands up for them as well. Also that he's dating her... well, there's got to be some merit to him.
  • Nice Hat: Is often seen wearing a Stetson.
  • Person of Mass Destruction: Runs a Jurrac deck, including the incredibly destructive Jurrac Impact and Jurrac Meteor. Also a Class V Psychic Duelist, which pretty much declares him a walking nuclear bomb.
  • Playing with Fire: His powers.
  • Ugly Guy, Hot Wife: Averted somewhat. While he was stated to be ripped, it's still kind of stunning that the guy Setsuka Shimotsuki fell for looks rather ordinary.

Secretary: Jet MacKinnon

Mentioned in passing. Apparently was a candidate for leadership as well. Appeared in the fourth arc now. Described as a blond Apollo, which pretty much sums up what Chase thinks of him. Plays a Mecha Phantom Beast deck.

  • Blow You Away: His powers. He can think nothing of literally flying into the middle of a supercell thunderstorm to help a plane about to crash.
  • Cool Plane/Giant Flyer: Pretty much can summon one to ride across the United States at any moment.
  • Do a Barrel Roll: Mecha Phantom Beast.
  • Fool In Love: Demonstrated to share a history with Hazuki. Clear signs of romantic engagement.

Jared Renner, codename Argo

Mentioned in passing. Abilities unknown.

     The Courts 

These guys are The Fair Folk of this universe, and our antagonist organisation. They're mostly divided into the warring Summer and Winter Courts, with those outside the Courts known as "wild." They are ruled by a Byzantine series of laws and restrictions that govern how various members of each Court can act, but they have become masters at working within these restrictions. For example, as a rule they Cannot Tell a Lie, but they're absolutely ruthless Rules Lawyers about Exact Words, and being in debt to one is... bad, to say the least. They range in power from the relatively harmless (pixies, fairies, etc) to the greater-than-godlike (the monarchs). Luckily for the Puny Earthlings, all have an Achilles' Heel: they cannot reach the earth without a mortal shell. [[The Big Bad of Grisaille Goal]].

In general, tropes that cover them include:

  • Blue and Orange Morality: Quite moral, generally speaking. Problem is, their morality is convoluted, arcane, and only occasionally intersects with regular human morality (in particular, they have very strong senses of honor and obligation, and are psychologically incapable of telling direct lies, but they have real problems with things like "empathy" and "not manipulating everyone around you for some obscure goal", and in many cases can't do a good turn for someone else without a bargain being struck). This is, in fact, the chief problem in dealing with either faction- what they promise and what you thought they promised are rarely the same thing.
  • The Chessmaster: Many of their plans are so incredibly complex that completely figuring out what they were after the whole time is nearly impossible. The general rule of thumb is that once the rulers get involved, things are about to become a whole lot more complex and problematic for everyone.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: If you harm them, they will get angry. And those it called friends or family will likely take harsh vengeance against the slayer.
  • Debt Detester: High and low, they dislike to a heavy degree being in the debt of any mortal as they are obliged to repay the debt. This is because they must maintain a balance. However, it is a difficult thing to do if the obligation is open ended or action done is difficult to appraise.
  • Do Not Taunt Them: Generally speaking, insulting them is, in their eyes, an attack upon them and so an injury. They will repay this injury in time. Any time. On your descendants, if needed.

The Summer Court:

The arguably nicer Court of the two, tends to prefer hopping up its agents to the Lotus-Eater Machine rather than force them into morally questionable jobs. Although some of them are arguably insane...

Ruler: Ryuusei Fudo, formerly codename: Regulus

Because it was the only thing I could do. No matter what I do, what systems I break, the fact remains that I am someone who does, and not someone who thinks. I did it because it was the only thing I could do for my little sister.

Son of Yusei Fudo and Aki Izayoi. The Summer King, King of Land and Light, also ruler of dozens and dozens of nasty, mean Eldritch Abominations. Big brother to Seika, after Seika was adopted into the Fudo family.

  • Big Brother Instinct: What led him to do all the stuff he did.
  • Face–Heel Turn: What happened to him at the end of the third arc.
  • Good Is Not Nice: Trope personified.
  • Playing with Fire: His powers as the Summer King.
  • Put on a Bus: Notably for the first arc. Then from there, he slowly upgraded to Troublemaker.
  • Scars Are Forever: Not physical scars, obviously. But accordingly, the loss of one of the two Accel Synchro cards he was given, named Blood Rose Dragon, indirectly precipitated the infamous White Witch Massacre, which outed the Madame's power too early and prompted the murders of the Shimotsuki parents, causing him permanent guilt and Setsuka's hatred at least.
  • So Beautiful, It's a Curse: On top of being a Class V Psychic Duelist, the Prince Charming Ryuusei Fudo is also written as incredibly hot, until everyone who sees him falls for him. This might sound nice until you find out that when he was young, he was nearly targeted by a paedophile masquerading as his kindergarten teacher, in middle school two girls stabbed each other over him, and in high school his stalker tried to off his friendly senior and his own best friend in a fit to draw Ryuusei's attention, and that later a woman killed herself over being perceived as ugly by him. He has an aura that draws almost everyone to him, but their very obsession over him drives them insane. It's been referred to as je nais sais quoi by Setsuka before.
    • This was commented upon by an interlude written by his own mother, who noted all of the accidents that seemed to follow her son throughout his life as a result of his looks.
  • With Great Power Comes Great Insanity: Apparently, the mantles of power forces their wearers to take on certain personality changes which can drive them insane. Ryuusei himself struggled with rage, passion and the need to stop other people hurting, even if it meant drugging them on the metaphysical equivalent of opium.

Marguerite the Sorciere de Fleur

The Lady of Summer, and Ryuusei's right-hand woman. A Duel Spirit who had somehow gained power enough to manifest and transform her shape. Is pretty much a manipulative bitch who thinks nothing of her pawns, even killing them if needed.

Ayame Yuuki

Daughter of Judai Yuuki. The previous champion of the Summer Court. Made the Deal with the Devil for power to find her father. Has recently died. Kisara Kaiba took over.

Kisara Kaiba, (formerly) codename: Otohime

The heiress of Kaiba Corporation and Seto Kaiba. Was unwillingly made into the champion of Summer following the death of the previous champion.

Vanessa Trent, formerly codename Alexandra

I will now take my revenge... on the rest of the world.

Twin sister of Leo Sterling. Appeared in the third arc. Has nearly beaten Chase twice before. Was part of the Arcadia Movement.

  • Dark and Troubled Past: So much.
  • Theme Naming: She runs a Butterspy deck, and her name is a reference to an entire genus of butterfly.
  • Woobie: Pretty much. Her legs were broken by an evil uncle (not stepfather, who in contrast was actually pretty decent) and she was left to die, until Ryuusei got her and she made her contract.

Leo Sterling

Twin brother of Vanessa Trent. The reason for their different last names was because of their parents' divorce and her moving. They finally got together again when both of them entered the service of the Summer Court.

  • Elite Mook: Despite not being a champion of Summer, he can hold his own.
  • Marionette Master: He runs a Gimmick Puppet deck.
  • The Unfettered: Is not adverse to kidnapping, taking hostages or injuring girls. Seeing as his twin sister is more vicious than him, that could count as pragmatism rather than misogyny.

The Winter Court

The arguably darker, more frightening and cold of the two, although they keep to themselves and hardly do anything to hurt our protagonists. In fact, more than once, they have helped our protagonists. That is not to say that they are completely harmless either; in most cases, the Winter Court could be seen as much, much worse than the Summer Court.

Ruler: Setsuka Shimotsuki aka Setsuna Mizore. Formerly codename: Polaris, Winter, Cold Queen

"I was prepared to die when I took this job. Shimotsuki Setsuka is dead."

The deuteragonist of all the stories. Daughter of Madame Seiran Shimotsuki/Diana Hunter and Rafael (the guy in the original Yu-Gi-Oh!! who once beat the Pharaoh). The Winter Queen. Queen of Air and Darkness. Monarch of the Winter Court. Ruler of dozens and dozens of nasty, mean Eldritch Abominations.Formerly the third head of the Arcadia Movement, or She Whose Name Must Not Be Spoken, depending on who you ask. Also one of four legendarily powerful female Duelists in her school days, such that she is still known as one of the Four Queens of Queens. Used to be Seika's Onee-sama figure, until she disappeared for two years and came back... changed. Between Ryuusei and her, Setsuka is often played as the worse of two evils, that she can terrify our resident snarker into complete silence. She also taught Yukio Yamada, and our impression was that her student inherited some of her practicality.

Has a Secret Identity named Setsuna Mizore.

  • Alliterative Name
  • Anti-Magic: She created the Unravelling, which can negate any magic.
  • Asskicking Equals Authority: The reason she kept her position in the Arcadia Movement was because of how terrifying she was. How does a twelve year old child scare the crap out of so many monsters we're not too keen to find out. Maybe because of the Ice Barrier Duel spirits?
  • Axe-Crazy: Brought one along when Chase summoned her. Clearly, she was not amused.
  • Batman Gambit: Specialises in these. See any arc, any story, and most likely she's running one. To that end, Chase usually figures it out, but not early enough to stop the plan e.g. in the second arc, he was hampered by missing leaders and mob mentality.
  • Blessed with Suck/Cursed with Awesome: From young, she already had the ability to see spirits and incredible Psychic powers. Her mother did not approach her because the very nature of Setsuka's powers could kill people, and nearly killed her father once. Also due to her precociousness, headstrong attitude and stubbornness, Setsuka grew up rather lonely.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: She is the Queen of Air and Darkness.
  • Cool Big Sis: Part of what cements Seika's status is her lack of fear when calling Setsuka 'Setsu-chan'. To date, Seika is the only one who can get away with it.
  • Death by Origin Story: What she suffered when her parents were killed and her childhood home burnt down at the age of ten.
  • Determinator: Twelve years old. Made the Arcadia Movement from several isolated pockets into the one large, sprawling organisation it is.
  • Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette: Described as this.
  • Evil Is Deathly Cold: Debatable, but it certainly is dark.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Interludes and the main story has shown that she loved her (dead) parents, Seika, and her boyfriend-turned-sort-of-husband, James Crocodile Cook II. She also seemed capable of Stalking Is Love sometimes.
  • Glacier Waif: One-six-o centimetres tall, was Chase's estimate. Her very name still can intimidate into submission.
  • An Ice Person: So much. She runs an Ice Barrier WATER deck.
  • Jumped at the Call: Surprisingly competent at running the Arcadia Movement, despite that she was never intended to actually take over it, and that she was ten years old or so when she started. Of course, having the power and advice of a tiger and three generals versed in military warfare probably had something to do with that...
  • Little Miss Badass: Prior to her disappearance, she was the third head of the Arcadia Movement, and stated to have the second highest kill-count following Divine. She had been leading the Arcadia Movement since she was around ten or twelve. Two years later and mentioning her name can still terrify or infuriate some people.
  • Making a Splash: The WATER of the Four Queens of Queens.
  • Manipulative Bitch: What she does.
  • Meaningful Name: Her name means 'snow flower of the moon of frost'. Her other name means 'calm snow', and Mizore can be read as 'sleet' or 'stalker'.
  • Mighty Glacier
  • The Ojou
  • Sugar-and-Ice Personality
  • Secret Identity: She shares one with Michiru: Setsuna Mizore. It appears therefore that Setsuka and Michiru share appearances close enough to merit sharing an identity in the first place.
  • "Well Done, Daughter" Girl: Seems to have issues with her mother's preoccupation of Seika, to the point that Setsuka might have thrown Seika to be adopted by another family out of spite. She was ten years old, after all.
  • Xanatos Speed Chess: All her plans are usually designed to be adapted at a moment's notice, so that, even if a good strategist can see it coming and can prepare, she still comes out on top.
  • Winter Royal Lady: What she is.
  • With Great Power Comes Great Insanity: The mantles of power of the Summer and Winter rulers are this. Apparently, the mantles of power forces their wearers to take on certain personality changes which can drive them insane. Setsuka is even more vicious, uncaring, and capable of mathematically plotting. Despite everything, Setsuka is shown to have her warm moments, doubtlessly an effect of living with the power of Winter for over ten years.

Satsuki Kujaku, formerly codename: Aquila

The grand-daughter of Katsuya Jounochi (Joey Wheeler). A former student of Crow Hogan. Serves as a champion of Winter. Used to be one of the Four Queens of Queens.

  • Blow You Away: Her powers over the winds and storms. The WIND of the Four Queens of Queens.
  • The Dragon: Acts as this for Setsuka.

Michiru Tenjouin, formerly codename: Devil

"Oh, dear girl... his love was too sweet. Next time, the people you might have to kill would not be so compliant or merciful like us. Just a warning to you."

The daughter of Fubuki Tenjouin (Atticus Rhodes) and an unknown Duel Spirit mother. Kind of a bitch.

Shares a secret identity with Setsuka named Setsuna Mizore.

  • Affably Evil: Tries to be this, but her temper gets the better of her.
  • Alpha Bitch: Very much so. Chase even outright commented that.
  • Bi the Way: One interpretation.
  • Evil Twin: She resembles Setsuka close enough to be able to share a secret identity.
  • Light 'em Up: Her powers as a Fabled Duelist, and as a Changeling.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: She's a Changeling, born of a (missing) Duel Spirit mother and a human father.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: As a result of aforementioned ancestry.
  • Psycho Lesbian: Lays it on real thick with Setsuka and Seika.
    Michiru: I shall be there to see it, every single piece, and then I will kiss Her Majesty on that pretty blood-stained mouth as we dance and the bodies of our fallen enemies crunch underfoot.
    • Might really happen if, you know, she wasn't also dating a guy at the same time.
  • Secret Identity

Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier

"Hearts. Good. Evil. The things you mortals natter about. I am a Duel Spirit, and not subject to that quaint line of thought you mortals have placed on yourselves. It is nothing to me how many cockroaches or sorcerers you have ended."

The majordomo of the Winter Court.

General Raiho of the Ice Barrier

"Quite disappointing. We can wait, though. Her Majesty can wait until the sun burns cold."

One of the three known Generals of the Ice Barrier tribe. A servant of Setsuka.


Madame Seiran Shimotsuki/Diana Hunter/The Madame/Madame, codename: Endymion

The second head of the Arcadia Movement, and the one who laid the groundwork for Setsuka. Setsuka's mother, dead since the start of the story. Is partly responsible for part of the action Seika, Setsuka and Ryuusei has faced in their lives.

  • Evil Matriarch: From a Certain Point of View, she was one. From Kaido, Setsuka and reactions from Nakamura Iemitsu and Orion, we can certainly guess that the Madame wasn't as nice as her public persona suggested.
  • Out-Gambitted: The Madame clearly wanted Seika to inherit the Movement - perhaps, not realising what the workload of the Movement could do to a young psyche - and so, made the contents of her will out to 'her daughter'. She also counted on Setsuka to obey her whims to help Seika. Clearly, the Madame wasn't expecting to die so soon after beginning the adoption process for Seika, and afterwards Setsuka did obey... by throwing Seika to a normal family named the Fudo family, and thereafter keeping Seika and all details of Seika away from the Arcadia Movement so that she could revamp in peace. The result was that Seika ended up not going through the Trial By Fire meant for her by the Madame, but instead having part of a loving family that she never got to experience, while Setsuka took her place and the financial power Seika would have gotten. A combination of Spanner in the Works and this, I guess.
  • Posthumous Character: Already dead for about ten years pre-story.
  • Shock and Awe: She killed over 200 gangland members in the White Witch Massacre. With, as suggested, a Raigeki.
  • Stepford Smiler: Type C.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: The Madame was implied to have favoured Seika over her own daughter (whom she probably knew was going to be taken away by Duel Spirits) and specifically pointed Seika to be the next head of the Movement, even though it was unclear by that stage if Seika would even be a Psychic. To that end, the Madame placed several psychological triggers into Seika's mind. The situation was so bad that Kaido, the resident psychometrer, was forced to recommend therapy for Seika. That's right, the guy who could read a person's entire past by looking at them couldn't stomach the damage from looking at Seika.
    • It was universally agreed that the Madame was nice only if the receiver of her kindness fulfilled a purpose relative to herself and the Movement.

Archibald O'Brien, aka Archie.

A student of West Academia, son of Austin O'Brien (Axel Brodie)

Rafael de Santos

A student of West Academia, of Misgarthian descent. Works for the royal family of Misgarth. Resembles the original Rafael so much, it was stated that even Setsuka had trouble.


The antagonist of the first arc



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