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  • Ho Yay: The series is overflowing with subtext; Manuel and Lalo shared a lot of tension before they became an official couple. Besides them, Giselle and Laura probably had higher sexual tension than any other pairing on the show, specially in the beginning when their Foe Yay was more intense (the show mellows it down in later episodes, moving the two towards a more Heterosexual Life-Partners dynamic).
    • There a lot of ho yay teasing with Walter, resident innocent Pretty Boy who the audience could've sworn was going to be gay before Manuel was introduced to the show. One of the most memorable scenes are probably Cristian talking with Walter while they're both nude on the shower and when Tato tries to hire himself as Walter's manager in episode 7, which comes across a lot like he's seducing him.
    Tato (whispering): I do have the formula to happiness… all you have to do is ask
    • In Episode 28 we see Lalo taking a bubble bath while Tato looks at him from afar… it's meant to come across as rather shady, as he whispers "enjoy all of this… for now", but really it just comes off as a very explicit case of Ho Yay.
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  • The Scrappy: Ethel.

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