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  • Arc Fatigue: While none of the squad's missions are necessarily short affairs, their assignment to capture the Zoanthrope takes forever. Beginning with "Tyranid Acquisition Experts", followed by "Tyranid Delivery Experts", continuing into "Tyranid Transportation Experts", and carrying on into "The [REDACTED] Conspiracy".
  • Catharsis Factor: A tech priest, out of sheer pettiness, harasses and outright sabotages the Guardsmen during "The "Stealth" Mission" and gets away with it because the Inquisitor just blames any problems on the Guardsmen. It's sweet revenge when the Guardsmen finally beat the ass to death.
    • In that same mission, the squad gets to kills both Angelica AND Bane Johns. After all the crap they went through, seeing the Guardsmen take out both of their traitorous former interrogators is amazing.
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  • Crosses the Line Twice: While there are devastating and horrifying situations that end with many innocent deaths and traumatized survivors, most of them are the result of the party's stupidity. Either they stupidly caused it or they handled it so poorly that things just got worse. Refuge in Audacity is the only reason we're laughing instead of gasping in horror.
  • Funny Moments:
    • Upon reviewing the camera feed from Tink's drone the squad finds a hilarious recording of it knocking an eldar warlock into a wall, followed by him fumbling around trying to get his head unstuck. The squad hooks it up to every monitor in the med-bay and puts it on a loop so everyone can watch it and get a laugh.
    • After using the Occurrence Border's gravity controls to send a daemon host hurtling down an elevator shaft the squad eventually goes to investigate. Discovering that the host punched through four decks and half a wall before stopping, a feat that sounds like something out of a cartoon.
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    • The [Redacted] Conspiracy has the escaped Ork specimens. Namely a Weirdboy restrained like Hannibal Lecter being pushed around on a hand-cart by a bunch of Gretchin giving off a high-pitched "WAAAGH!" He wants Fumbles's head and is threatening to "squig" anyone who gets in the way. All of this leads to Twitch running in terror from a totem pole of Gretchins pushing the hand-cart like a demented chariot.
      • Even better in the narrated version, where Cloak and Dagger emulates their voices perfectly.
    • In two instances the Guardsmen have failed to grasp the political ramifications of their current mission, so it gets explained to them. With sock puppets.
    • The trial at the start of The Inquisitorial Penal Legion is farcical, with a judge who just wants to be done for the day trying to figure out why he's being given a massive pile of traffic violations.
      Inquisitor: Greg Sargent, you and your men stand accused of... parking in a restricted area? [flips through the documents] Failing to vacate in a timely manner? [more flipping] Loading or Unloading a Vehicle in a No-Loading Zone? Really?
      Nubby: It weren' posted or nuthin.
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  • Heartwarming Moments: During a battle with a Rogue Trader, Fumbles manages to hit an enemy with his laser pistol, someone (we're not told who) tells him he's done a good job, and he doesn't get a single Magic Misfire the whole time. He's ecstatic.
    "The little guy felt like a Superhero-as did anyone within 20 or so meters of him."
  • Memetic Mutation: HANDLE IT! As of Tyranid Delivery Experts. For context; Sarge fired it off when everything went ploin-shaped, then Tink and Aimy yelled it at each other, then the Fa/tg/uys started using it.
  • The Woobie: Fumbles. Once he panicked so bad when Wraithguards fired their warp guns that he let out a psychic scream. In an air tight body suit. In a vacuum. The sound of the scream and the plastic from his helmet did jack all to the wraithguards due to them being in a vacuum and wraithguards are tougher than plastic respectively. When he started suffocating, his psychic aura spread a panic through the rest of his team that paralyzed them with fear. If it wasn't for Twitch making him a makeshift helmet with a backpack, he would have died and gotten the rest of his team killed. The backpack also happened to be filled with mines, one of which he was sure was armed. That's a normal day in combat for Fumbles. His downtime hours aren't much better. During Tyranid Acquisition Experts the poor kid gets run over by Sarge and Hannah as they're transporting the Zoanthroape and suffers a mutation from the psychic feedback of being too close to the xenos psyker. Causing his eyes to expand out of his head and develop an extreme sensitivity to light. Even after getting some surgery to alleviate the pain he now has to wear a pair of welding goggles to avoid scorching his corneas
  • Foreshadowing: Several times through the later after-action reports, staring around the excursion to get the Daemonid, there's a running gag that the many insane and inane things the Guardsmen do are later justified during a post-mission Inquisitorial Inquiry. And now they're under arrest and being carted off to said inquiry.

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