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  • The Rupert gets shot at by a psycker's lightning bolt and Alfred intercepts it with a psychic shield. Rupert has so much faith in his subordinate's shield, that he takes the time to line up a perfect headshot and blow the psyker away even as Alfred is knocked unconscious by the attack.
  • Cutter and some other wounded inquisitorial trainees, hyped up on enough stims and adrenals to turn them into mini berserkers, actually overwhelm a pair of chaos marines in close combat. Pushing them back till they fall off a platform to their deaths, before taking on the Heretek they were escorting. Everyone dies but Cutter who manages to bisect the thing with his chainsword before being blown up by it self destructing moments after. The former scribe turned melee specialist's last words? Nothing but laughter as he burned alive.
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  • The Lamenter Death Watch Marine, finally sick of the Daemonthrope's refusal to die, jump-tackles the beast from off the roof, wraps up on it and repeatedly slams a *ahem* spear-shaped wraithbone construct into the monster SEVERAL TIMES. The party is so shocked by this that they forget to keep shooting (or chose not to, because they would have hit the Marine). Mind you, the Daemonthrope was still sixty meters in the air when it finally collapsed to the ground from the assault. The fall nearly kills the Marine, but he finally knocks the beast out of the fight. The Marine knew how suicidal his charge was and did it anyways.
    "Heart-Marine": WE DIE IN GLORY!
  • The Diplomatic Adept killing the Xenologist Adept for being a traitor. While we don't get the details as to why it was necessary, it becomes pretty clear that the old Adept is far better at his job than anyone gave him credit for.
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  • Sarge has a bag of explosives and only one shot to land it next to a daemonic Flyrant coming straight at him. Throwing caution to the wind, he just drops the thing and lands it perfectly on the beast's horns. The thing is gibbed so hard that it's plastered all over the walls.
  • Sarge came within a hair's breadth of successfully shouting down a space marine. Yelling at him to pull his shuttle out of a warp tainted section of the Occurrence Border which they had mistaken for a landing bay. Barking orders over him every time he tried to question him. The only thing that got in his way was another marine asking his brother if they would really dishonor themselves by running from whatever warp taint was present instead of fighting. Points for effort Sarge, points for effort.
  • In an attempt to find the most reliable weapons possible, Nubby scoured the entire planet they were on for whatever could go for two weeks of testing with ideally no misfires. The weapon that Sarge got was heavily implied, due to it's age, durability, seemingly inability to misfire, and almost illegible serial number, to be the seventh lasgun ever made in the forges of Mars. Not seven millionth. Not seven thousandth. Seventh. A weapon so old the Emperor himself could have been there to observe it being made, and older than almost every living creature in the galaxy (including Slaanesh)!
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  • Bane Johns driving a firetruck through a wall while hanging out the door in order to pursue the Guardsmen, with the 007 seven note stinger playing in-story due to his presence disrupting a radio.

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