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YMMV / Aladdin (Capcom)

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  • Broken Base: There's no real consensus on whether the Capcom adaptation or the Virgin Games adaptation is the superior game, though either camp tends to acknowledge that the other is still a good game in its own right.
  • Genius Programming: Capcom managed to get a version of "Friend Like Me" that went through the entire song in the Genie's level, while most other tracks are just forty-second loops.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song:
    • The GBA version replaced all instances of "Friend Like Me" ("The Genie's Lamp", "Group Hug!", and "Break Time!") and "A Whole New World" ("Magic Carpet Ride", "You'll Always Be a Prince to Me", and "Staff Roll") due to copyright reasons.
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    • "One Step Ahead" (according to gamerips) is one of "One Jump Ahead".
  • That One Level: The second part of the escape from the Cave of Wonders. It's a One-Hit KO if you so much as touch a wall, and staying too far back in the second half of level will get you killed by a wave of lava.


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