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Half of the final issue is just The Sharp Boys' portfolio.
This would explain why the issue keeps cutting to completely unrelated things instead of just being nonsensical like the cuts to and from the Terrain of Testament in the first three. Scenes like the laboratory with the scientist talking about a 2/1 ratio or the guys who need ephedrine for something are just stuff the artists used to pitch their work. Warrior, being Warrior, thought this stuff was amazingly deep and totally in line with his fuaxlisophical crazyness, so he just had it thrown in. Either that, or they were the only ones willing to work for free (remember the call for artists in #3), so Warrior didn't have a choice.


The film takes place around approximately 2007.
Think about it: Fedor was still invincible, a former UFC fighter like Brendan could cash in at smokers without being recognized, and it would be (slightly) more plausible for naturally talented but under-trained fighters to compete against title holders.

Brenden will split the winnings with the family Tommy pledged to help.
After paying off the house, Brenden with give the other 4 million up, while keeping the rest of the first million at a 'rainy day' fund. Why? Because while he certainly earned that money, he might not see the need of all that money. Plus, being the upstanding and honorable guy he is, he would want to honor his brother's promise. Not like Tommy'll be able to do it.

Paddy and Brenden will begin to become reconciled
Look at what goes on between fights in Sparta, Paddy has more or less given up on Tommy and is moving towards Brenden, who seems to return the sentiment. Not that they'll be having Thanksgiving by year's end, but the crack in the wall will have been made.