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  • Ashcan Copy: While negotiating his third WWF run, Warrior insisted that Vince McMahon purchase thousands of copies of his comic's first issue, with Vince doing so reluctantly despite knowing he likely wouldn't be able to resell enough of them to see a profitable return. Warrior would later try to demand that McMahon buy a million more copies as restitution for allegedly using his image at a toy fair without his permission, but this time Vince refused as Warrior's third run had significantly fallen in popularity by that point.
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  • Money, Dear Boy: Not surprisingly, this comic was nothing more than a marketing gimmick to promote Warrior's big ego. At one point, an ad was posted for artists who were willing to work on the comic without any pay.
  • Troubled Production: In the third and fourth issues, Warrior goes on rants about how James Callahan, the artist for the first three issues, was ill, possibly with cancer, and that he worked through his sickness up to the last issue when he had to bow out to get surgery. Warrior openly felt no sympathy for him, complaining about how Callahan's illness held up the book's production, accusing him of taking payment for the fourth issue but producing no art for it and straight up threatening to come after him unless he's refunded.