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Salvation from the Functionalist Universe?
It's speculated that Functionalist Universe Orion Pax is a Hardline Functionalist and that universe is set up to be IDW shattered Glass... But what if they're wrong, what if Functionalist Universe Orion is the same idealistic supercop hero Mainline Prime was. What if, as the Autobots and their allies fear all hope is lost the AVL, led by Megatron and Orion together find their way back to the main universe to help save the day.Also because Autocracy never happened the Functionalist Universe Matrix is still hidden in their underbase...
  • Jossed in part Megatron returns in Lost Light #21.
  • Fully Jossed Lost Light 25 indicates that the crew of the Lost light play no role in the story of unicron at all.
Primus save us?
As of Lost Light #22 we know that Rung is Primus so perhaps he will return to save us all from Unicron, being his ancient enemy and all. But how Unicron is a massive titan Rung is a fairly scrawny mech. However in Lost Light #22 we also see Functionalist Cybertron rebuilt to transform into a copy Primus. Particularly considering that Unicron is a weapon to wipe out all cybertronians and "Not-Primus" is the opposite, a weapon to wipe out all non cybertronians. So perhaps Primus!Rung will take control of Functionalist Cybertron's robot mode to fight Unicron. Or perhaps someone else will use it.
  • Also in support of this is how much bigger Functionalist Cybertron's robot mode is compared to the five copies of ancient Cybertron that formed the "God Gun" that summoned it into the prime IDW Universe in the first place, meaning that it may very well be the ONLY thing large enough to fight Unicron. Yes, there may be a slight possibility that present day Cybertron is larger than the ancient versions, but it's highly unlikely.
  • Also Lost Light #22 is stated as part of the Unicron arc and yet Unicron is neither seen nor mentioned. So how 'does' this issue link to the Unicron story...
  • Jossed Lost Light 25 indicates that the crew of the Lost light play no role in the story of Unicron at all. From the looks of it the "Unicron is here" stuff on the covers seems merely to advertise the Unicron comic.
    • Actually somewhat confirmed the spirit of Rung/Primus leads the spirits of all those who died in helping Optimus.

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