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Fridge / The Transformers: Unicron

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Fridge Logic

  • Something bother's me about Windblade's "Reason You Suck" Speech to Cybertron as a whole, claiming that they are responsible for the current crisis. Now I won't deny that Cybertron WAS responsible but in the same rant she dismisses the responsibility of the colonies. Now here's the thing. The same expansion that caused the creation of Unicron? Isn't it that SAME expansion the lead to the creation of the colonies? If so then Windblades words seem like ignorance at best and hypocritical Never My Fault at worst.
    • Not really Fridge Logic here. Arcee directly brings up in-comic that the Expansion is why colonies even exist immediately after Windblade's statement, which a saddened Windblade herself then realises is completely true and does not deny.

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