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Jotun was one of the Cold Ones.
Some nascent or otherwise harmless variation. Because even fully summoned Cthulhu is a threat of Solar System range, not whole Universe, and Black Pharaoh is of similar caliber. And elder gods simply don't want their butts to be frozen and eaten.

Blue Hades come from alternative world.
Similarly to alfar they encountered something nasty and fleed to the nearest available world - Earth. That's why Deep Seven are pissed at them - their technology is alien enough to Earth to trigger an immune reaction

Sleeper will be disposed of anticlimactically between books.
Laundry now has a contained host, Schiller thought it's possible to use it as a backward link to infect Sleeper with something nasty, and Laundry also has access to such nasties - if not in form of recipe in Angleton's memex or Seph's database, then in possession of their new master.
  • Jossed, sort of: without mortal proxies he's helpless and was sealed away.

Events of The Unspeakable Vault (of Doom) happen in the same universe.
Nyarly is being a dick and constantly pranking his fellow Eldritch Abominations, tons of stupid cultists that exist only to summon them - don't you see similarities? And the Cold Ones are Azathot and Yog-Sothot, who caught cold and are now grumpy and miserable enough to kill everyone else.

Bureaucracy is one of the things speeding Case Nightmare Green up.
Magic is advanced mathematics and computations which, when done in the right way, resonate with the multiverse and bring Eldritch Abominations in. Alpha-numeric paperwork and organized procedures; done in tandem and repetition; even when pointless (Especially when it's pointless) are a ritual. A very low-level ritual in itself, but when everyone does it; especially those in the know who use computer/math magic; there is steady stacking and build-up effect.
  • This is why so many HR managers in the series turn evil; they're tapped into the source.
  • Something that will allow humanity to survive Case Nightmare Green is abandoning paperwork; or else learning to do it the safe way.

The events from A Colder War did happened.
Only in another universe. We've already seen how in the multiverse of The Laundry Files, there can be alternate realities of the main one, such as the one in which the Infovore is devouring the universe. So it stands to reason that the reality in which Cthulhu was weaponized by the soviets also exists somewhere in that multiverse. Which would lead to the conclusion that the reality within Cthulhu may also exist somewhere in that multiverse.

Some Eldritch Abominations are Post Singular Entities.
Related to the previous one, in other novels by Charles Stross such as the ones from the Eschaton Series, post singular entities manifest as quasi divine beings who can travel back in time to ensure their own creation. If they can move in time, perhaps meta dimensional movement is also possible and post singular entities similar to the Eschaton, from several other realities, are some of the very same Eldritch Abominations The Laundry has to deal with. Perhaps some are of alien origin (as in created by alien civilizations analogous to human civilization), perhaps some are even the creation of alternate humanity. This would explain the cases such as The Sleeper in the Pyramid that seem much more purposeful that your average Dungeon Dimension critter which only appear to dumbly seek a movement "upstream" between universes. Which would also lead to the conclusion that the Eschaton Series has a place within the Laundry Files multiverse and that there could be at least one non-malevolent god-like entity out there... assuming the Eschaton defeated it's potential rival that is.
  • If fits pretty well. The Singularity (with added tentacles) is Case Nightmare Yellow according to Word of God and in The Nightmare Stacks the Alfar showed that other civilisations can experience their version of the Case Nightmare X scenarios so someone out there has almost certainly experienced their own version of Case Nightmare Yellow
  • Well, Nyarly feels perfectly in place in modern British society, eagerly embracing its tenets. Perhaps he's a successful result of not technological, but occult singularity (though, in this setting they're related) - whole world, united in Dho-na network and coalesced in single entity, inheriting sum of its knowledge.

Bob is Angleton.

The Fuller Memorandum explained to us many things about Angleton, and the original host Teapot.

  • when Teapot woke up, now possessed by the Eater of souls, he is able to speak just fine and asks "what year is it?" when told it is 1920, he collapsed in a dead faint. this would make sense if it was Bo B, likely after having "lost" against some nasty beast towards the end of CNG, and being forcibly Dis-corporated.

  • When the cult trys to bind the soul of the eater of souls into Bob's body, it works exactly as planned. just, you know, it's him.

  • This is why Angleton knows things he absolutely shouldn't know. most recently: the name of the Vampire attacking the Laundry. he might very well only know about it, because he read the after action report as Bo B.

  • Bob post angleton's "death" has been running around checking on a bunch of places where angleton sealed away things, etc. this will be useful information, when he has to go there the first time as angleton.

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  • after bob "dies" Angleton will show back up and put down the monster. "why didn't you help earlier?" "because i didn't before."

Yeah, it's predestined parodox's all the way down. there are clues in the way Angleton acts towards bob, and even towards the lovely Mo.

The Conversion Bureau is part of the preparation for Case Nightmare Pink
Word of God is that Case Nightmare Pink is essentially the invasion of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. As such The Conversion Bureau and all it's spin offs and so forth is part of a plausible deniability cover story by the Laundry, or the Black Chamber, or one of the other agencies to provide a public cover for any potential leaks of Case Nightmare Pink preparation plans. The fandom taking it up and creating so many responses (both for and against) was Just as Planned.

The Laundry does have a comeback plan for dealing with the end of The Delirium Brief
As someone pointed out on the Headscratchers page, the Mandate aka the Black Pharaoh taking over the UK might leave them in violation of the Benthic Treaties. Which means Blue Hades may very well have something to say about the matter. If there is such a plan, it's quite possible Dr. Armstrong wasn't clued in for compartmentalization reasons, so he wouldn't know about it - it wouldn't be surprising if dear old Fabian could skim that information off of somebody's mind if they did know.

Alternatively whatever's up with Mo might take care of the issue. It worked out okay for Bob, after all. (For highly varying values of okay, but all better than the Black Pharaoh running the UK.)

  • Well, there are two things to consider:
    • Mo and Bob's child (that condom wasn't just ruptured, it was deliberately cut, after all) - given Bob's status and Mo's ambiguous powers it must be something spectacular.
    • Bob promised to wait for Him. With shotgun. And, purely crack theory - Black Pharaoh's avatar in form of Fabian came into existence thanks to Bob's first experience with extradimensional coding, and he has some power over him.
  • Possibly confirmed as of The Labyrinth Index:
Mhari: Nor can I tell him - lest the SA’s command override cause my arterial blood vessels to burst and my eyeballs to catch fire - about Long-Term Continuity Operations and the Resistance.

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