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Death and Taxes (the in-universe book) would/is be about an Ensemble Cast.
Consisting of Harold, Pascal, the bike-riding kid, and the bus driver. Readers would be left guessing who would die and who would live, or even if anyone would survive.

Eiffel and Hilbert are, respectively, God and The Devil
  • When we first see Eiffel, she's standing looking down on the world. Hilbert's first appearance is coming up from below.
  • Eiffel's office is clean and white. Hilbert's is buried in the dregs of humanity.
  • Hilbert idolizes Eiffel, writes to her frequently, but is unacknowledged.
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  • They have two totally different substance addictions.
  • Eiffel has created Crick (i.e. Man, the character named for the scientist who discovered DNA).
  • Hilbert is trying to get Crick to believe in predestiny (effectively, suicide).
  • Eiffel, realizing that Crick only chooses to die through freewill, rather than fate, spares him.
  • Hilbert and Eiffel only meet to discuss Crick in a "meta" sense, in a way removed from the main storyline.

Harold's watch was made the main character of Death and Taxes in the re-write.
Karen has a reputation to uphold and a pattern to maintain; she kills off the main characters of her stories. At first, Harold was the main character and every note in the story pointed to ward his imminent death. But, after meeting Harold, and having a change of heart about him, Karen re-wrote pieces of the story to make the watch the main character, which is why it's so often personified. Harold lives, the boy lives, but the watch "dies" when it's destroyed.

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