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They will have a sequel with Junior's dad in a prominent role.
And boy is he pissed about his son dying! Also, Roach will have a bigger role.
  • Jossed. The unproduced sequel is a Spin-Off focusing on the Beta Couple Tootsie and Ultrabeam Mega-Girl, focusing on the backstory of the Robot Wars. The Bug Planet doesn't appear at all.

Febuary is related to Galinda from Wicked
I saw Wicked yesterday and the Galinda/Glinda kept reminding me of Febuary.

Dr.Space Claw killed Junior's mom
It doesn't seem above him to do that and would make sense why she died so suddenly.

The first robot was created by an Astro Boy fan.
And then, after Astro Boy turned evil and killed his creator, built more robots, all designed after famous robots from various media. After all, being attacked by Autobots, a group of robots you were brought up to believe are the good guys, would be much more terrifying and distressing than being attacked by a group of robots with original designs.

Starship occurs years after OMG
OMG is a short film by the cast of Team Starkid in which Joe Walker's character goes into space and sees God. In Starship, space travel plays a major part, and science has killed God. It just works too well.

The bugs in Bug World are communists
The song Beauty says they have "No wealth, no poor", each of their roles are assigned and given equal importance, and they're ruled by one supreme leader who makes all the rules and who everyone in Bug World loves (or is supposed to love)?
  • This isn't communism, this is a real life bug society.

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