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Goodman Grey's parentage
  • Goodman Grey's parent on one side is a Nagloshi. Harry heard him say he needed to "pay the rent" with a capital R. So was that Rent, or (pa-)'Rent?

The British prisoner in Demonreach is Merlin
  • The Demonreach prisoner that "just sounded... British", tells Harry to "piss off" and berates him for not understanding the concept of "stasis" - Keep in mind that a) Demonreach was constructed by Merlin, b) we've not heard the fate of Merlin, c) Merlin was traditionally imprisoned in the Crystal Cave. Considering that Butcher drew our attention to this prisoner, yet didn't explain who he was...
    • Another possibility, is what if Jack the Ripper was not exactly human?
    • It would make a great deal of sense for it to be Merlin, as the prisoner says he's "someone who needs to be here." Could be either a sign of a fallen Merlin who's undergone a Heel Realization and regards imprisonment as atonement or justice, or that Merlin literally needs to be part of Demonreach to sustain it and make sure it stays intact.
      • Another possible reason, which may or may not be related to Demonreach (not) remaining intact, might be that he needs to stay there in stasis until some local Godzilla Threshold has been passed, at which point he's automatically released.

Goodman Grey works for God
  • Goodman Grey works for God much in the same way that Harry works for Mab. He worked for Harry because he needed to "pay the Rent" with a noticeably capitalized R and anything in-universe that is associated with God is capitalized like that. He was also prepared to wait for a long time outside the Carpenters' house until Harry gives him his $1 as a sign of having completed his job, much like how Harry has to help Nicodemus be in possession of the Grail to complete his deal with Mab/Nicodemus.

The Queens of Faerie are Hecate
  • Given the statues of the Faerie Queens in Hades' vault, and that they were speculated to be statues of Hecate by Hannah Ascher, the true name of the Mothers (all the queens, really) as mentioned in Cold Days, is Hecate. Seems rather obvious, really, upon seriously thinking about it.
    • Sadly, this doesn't mesh with Welcome To The Jungle, which states that Hecate is an Ascended (think completed the ritual in Dead Beat) trio of monsters referred to as Hecatean Hags. The leap "Greek Pantheon" + Maiden, Mother, Crone = Hecate makes perfect sense, and that the evil trio of female quasideities that are the Winter Queens have become conflated with the evil trio of female quasideities that are Hecate over the millennia is quite understandable, but this time she was mistaken.
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    • If anything, the derivation may be the other way around: the hags that became Hecate based their maiden/mother/crone image on the Queens, rather than vice versa.

Harry will name his new daughter....
  • I wonder what Harry is going to name his new daughter? Shiela for her mother maybe?
    • Bonnie.
    • Tee-na (short for Athena). Also a large kitten named "Miss" so that she can go on field trips with Bob and Mister.
    • Ashley. Lash + Harry, and she rose from the ashes of her mother's Heroic Sacrifice.
    • Sheila Molly Dresden. To honor her mother and midwife. Unbeknownst to Harry, naming a child after a sitting Winter Lady makes the fae the godmother of the child. Hilarity Ensues.

Things Harry could spend his share of the take on
  • After Harry gives a away most of his diamonds, what should he spend the remaining money on?
    • A new leather coat (Butters is making such good use of his old one).
    • Saws, gouges, files, and drills for woodworking. (Staff, wooden skull)
    • Precious metals foundry setup (new kinetic rings, etc.)
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    • Zodiac extra strong inflatable boat, to reach Demon'sreach.
    • Lavish gifts for Maggie (live pony?)
    • Another Beetle. In blue. And a college fund for Maggie. No GED for Dresden's kid.
      • But Charity's count of how many college years they still had to pay for included Maggie, so that's coming out of the Carpenters' full share, not Dresden's half-share.
    • A donut. With frosting of white, and sprinkles 'pon. But no jelly within.
    • Id-Harry's right, and he should drop at least some of it at Executive Priority Health. A lot safer than trying to get some from among the Sidhe.

How much does Lasciel know from Lash? Nothing.
  • By the end of her existence, Lash was on Harry's side, willing to die to protect him. Initially it seemed like she was destroyed with no chance to communicate with Lasciel. Even if she wasn't, Lash said that Lasciel would never let her rejoin her mentally now. And if they did merge, shouldn't at least some of Lash's new affection for Harry have come with her?

So most likely, Lash never merged with Lasciel, never gave her any info about Harry.

Lasciel was bluffing about that.

Look at what she says to Harry. She calls him "lover," because even though she knows he never took up the coin, she cannot conceive of a man, given the chance at completely realistic fantasy sex with whatever female form they choose, turning down the opportunity completely. She assumes Harry must have taken her up on at least that part of her offerings. (She may even assume that was how their child was created, not realizing Lash's sacrifice because she can't conceive her shadow could do that.) Everything else could come from Anduriel eavesdropping on Harry's conversation with Murphy, when he told her about the spirit gestating in his head.

Harry buys her bluff and assumes Lasciel knows everything that transpired between himself and Lash, but in truth, she doesn't know any more than what she can guess and Anduriel can pass along to her.


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