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Some of the wonkier things in the series (Functional Magic, for instance) might be due to the Literary Agent Hypothesis: we're seeing this through the eyes of the admittedly-imbalanced protagonist.

Seven Days takes place in the Stargate Universe.
Well, there's no denying that the aliens are quite similar to the Asgard, and that the people Frank works for could easily be a part of the NID. Even the time travel could be caused by some sort of strange effect from the Naquadah used to power the sphere.

Frank is a Time Lord
Come on, didn't you see this coming?
  • It makes sense, actually. He's pretty much the only person capable of using a time machine, in part because he's "insane". To the casual observer, most Time Lords would seem to be insane, because their minds work differently from the average human being. If he ran away from the Time War, maybe with a slightly damaged Chameleon Arch, he could have conceivably come out on Earth, appearing to be an unstable, but otherwise perfectly normal man.

Frank is Doc Brown
He just went further into the future, where they have even better Rejuvenation Clinics, dumped his wife for a new model, dumped her as well, went back to the 90's, and got amnesia.

Bradley Talmadge really DID kill Parker when he returned from his last mission
Frank had held up a Backstep Mission Primary objective, just so he could save a friend who was about to executed for a crime he did not commit. While the Mission was still completed and both Objectives achieved, Talmadge had decided that Parker had become too unstable for the Program. Here was evidence he was willing to abuse time travel and even risk a mission just for his own ends. With Frank dead, and Donovan unable to pilot the Sphere; Backstep was put on suspension.
  • And this is the reason why backstep couldn't undo the September 11, 2001 terror attacks.


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